{ friends and sons

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first off let me start kinda serious by saying my heart was so sad today when rylie's kiddo came into spanish today and said "i hate being friends with ******* he always gets me in trouble and is just a jerk". he's not wrong...i may have called ******* an a*shole to his face once or twice. that's a big thing because i do my best to limit my swearing to once or twice a month.

that made me sad because it made me realize how many times i've thought that. how many times i've sat at home listing pros and cons about my "friend" and just sitting there thinking about how much of a jerk they can be. the problem with me is i get so invested in friendship so easy. i go all in to each relationship. if i love you, you know i love you (even if i bully you eight times in an hour). and so it always sucks so much when they're a jerk to another one of my friends or just people in general. and then it got me thinking, how many people are stuck in a friendship they hate?? that thought terrifies and saddens me.

BUT not all friends suck. i've never loved my weightlifting sisters as much as today. i can say we all appreciate our moms just a tad bit more. the three of us all have "kids" that we watch and make sure are passing school. they're all disappointing. mine tried to jump out a window. rylie's ran out of the classroom. and mallory's spent the entire time in the office.

señora is even in on the whole mother son relationship kind of thing we have going. and in fact encouraged mallory to have a kid instead of her just being the crazy aunt who feeds my child SUGAR before he does something good. they're all-well 2/3- of them are great people. they just need a push/shove/roundhouse kick to the brain to get in the right direction.

thank you life for giving me a handful of nonjerks and giving me the strength to separate from the jerks. thank you señora for letting me yell in your class when my kid has a 30%. thank you mallory for being not just a crazy aunt but a dead aunt...who gave me brownies!!!! and thank you real mom for loving me and putting up with me 25/8

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