Meeting Him

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~Gamzee Makara~

        You were at a carnival with your friends, when your stomach began to growl. "F/n! I'll be right back!" You yelled as you ran to the food venders. You came to a halt as you looked around you. There were hamburger, hotdog, cotton candy, and funnel cake vendors everywhere. You ran up to a cotton candy and smiled at the vendor. He was a tall troll with curly purple tinted hair, long orange and yellow horns, and white face paint. He wore a plain black shirt with black pants that had white circles on them. He had a huge goofy sharp toothed smile on as he handed you the sweet.        

        "It's on the house." He says as his smile widens. You were about to say something but were cut off. "But you have to come here again." He says as he turns to help out another customer. You walk back to your friends, a goofy smile plastered on your face.


~Kurloz Makara~ (When he "talks" it's sign language)

        You were so fucking excited, you felt like you were gonna explode in any minute. You were at a circus! You've never been to one, so naturally you were excited. The show finally started. It started off with a trapeze performance, which was already about to end. You watched as the next act came out. The ring leader came out from the tent followed by two tall trolls. "LADY'S AND GENTLEMAN! I AM PROUD TO ANNOUNCE THE NEXT ACT! BUT WE NEED A FEMALE VOLUNTEER!" The ringleader shouted as all the woman in the circus shot their hands up, including you. You could've sworn one of the trolls pointed at you. Nonetheless, you were chosen.

        You walked, more like ran, down to the stage. In front of you stood a very tall troll with purple tinted hair, pure white eyes, white face paint that resembles a skull, a stitched mouth and a skeleton costume. He seemed to be about 2 years older than you. You giggled as you noticed what he wore. He wore purple shorts and purple boots. "You know sign language?" The ringleader asks you quietly. You nodded your head yes. You watched as the white eyed troll pulled out a white veil and put it on your head. You blushed as a theatrical version of "here comes the bride" played.

        "Awwww look at our lovely couple! But wait! Doesn't the groom deserve a kiss?" The ringleader said grinning. You blushed lightly as you leaned in to kiss his cheek, but at the last second he turns his head and his lips crash into yours. The crowd squeals and screams. You pull away and look up at the boy. He had a playful smile on his face but you could see the indigo blush on his cheeks. "I would love to meet you again. Come back tomorrow." He signs before having to go back to the tent. Your blush never faltered as you walked back to your seat.


~Sollux Captor~

        You were at the holy sacred place, GameStop. You were checking out the new games they had just received. "Holy shit! They have Pokémon X & Y on sale!" You yelled at no one. "They do?!" A male voice said. You turned around, only to be ran into by someone. "I'm thorry!" The voice said as he helped you up. You looked at the boy. He was a troll with 3D looking glasses on, four small orange and yellow horns, and his hair was longish were his bangs were. You smiled at him.

         "It's okay. No harm done." You say as you giggle a bit.

         "Glad I didn't hurt'th you." He said as a yellow blush dusted itself across his face. You giggled as you smiled at him. "Well we should meet'th here again. If you want'th thoo." He said as he smiled widely. You nodded your head yes before grabbing both Pokémon games and paying for them.


~Karkat Vantas~

        You were running down the street, dodging people in your way. You were running home because the sun was already setting. You looked back to see the sun for a split second and ran into somebody. You groan loudly as you close your eyes and rub your head. "HEY! WATCH WHERE YOU'RE GOING YOU FU-" The voice stopped yelling. You opened your eyes to see a troll. He had small orange and yellow horns, sharp teeth protruding from his mouth, and he seemed to have a ruby red blush on his face.

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