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felix's point of view, has i promised! it took me a bit of time i'm sorry i had some exams :( but now i have some time so i'll try to be more active and more productive as well!

i'm also planning on publishing a sequel thanks to your comments, it's going to be called ups and downs. if i'm motivated enough you should be able to read it soon!
(note of the future me: or not 🤷🏻‍♀️)

sorry sorry i should stop talking i'll let you read-


I opened my eyes discreetly so Changbin wouldn't see they were open - even though it was pretty obvious - for the simple reason that I felt his stare on me. It wasn't that unpleasant. Strangely, feeling Changbin's eyes on me made my whole-body shiver and I'd be lying if I said my cheeks didn't turn red. It had a whole different effect from the usual stares of people. To be honest, I didn't like being stared at because each time, I feel really nervous as if I've done something bad. But this time, Changbin's stare wasn't displeasing.

When I finally decided to open my eyes completely, Changbin was glancing at my room's walls, probably lost somewhere between his thoughts and the real world. Because I see him starting so intensely at my bedroom's walls, I start to really wonder if there's actually anything interesting to look at because I can't put my mind on anything.

I judge I should move to inform Changbin that I'm fully wake now. I pretend to rub my eyes and stretch to finally greet him with a raspy and hoarse voice that I didn't expect to come out of my mouth.

"Good morning" he throws me a smile I can't resist at. I pretty sure he's pretending not to be tortured by his thoughts but I don't point it out. I'm convinced he doesn't want me to ask him question nor worry about him so I respect his decision.

Changbin seems absent today, I notice it because once he finished his sentence, he turned his head again, now intensely looking at the dark wooden drawer. Yet I don't say anything, at least for the moment. I'm starting to feel a bit strange, an odd feeling seizes my stomach and for some reason I start to get nervous. It's probably because I caught Changbin packing all his stuff yesterday.

I pretended I didn't see anything yet it began to bother me. I understand the fact Changbin didn't have any strength or pugnacity to even inform me of it but my ego has taken a bit of battering. Still, I can't blame him because I would have probably done the same thing. I don't want him to worry more so I decide to act as if I didn't see anything - even though I know deep down it's going to be really difficult. I'm not good at hiding things. I remember Chan pointing it out a million of times, which lead to me always revealing him the truth.

I hear my stomach growling because I'm starting to get hungry. I grab my phone which was laying on the drawer and as the screen lights up, I realize it's near noon so I don't intend to eat lunch so soon. I hate waking up this late and having lunch just afterwards. My rule number one is to never skip breakfast.

"We should probably go downstairs" I say but Changbin doesn't react. I call him out a few times before he answers. "Hey? Changbin?" His confused and lost eyes tell me he didn't even hear the first part of what I was saying.

"Yeah? Oh-oh" He finally realizes "I'm sorry" Is the only thing he can say before the I can see the tip of his ears turning red, he is probably embarrassed but I don't mind. I found it cute.

He then gets up off the bed - not so lazily - and invite me to join him so we can eat something. I nod silently as I think about what I'm going to prepare for breakfast. As we both go downstairs, I ask him if he wants to eat anything special. He asks for a simple hot chocolate - which I found weird because I can't bring myself to drink any hot drink when it's that hot outside. I actually don't like drinking any hot drink. I can't stand coffee, the flavour is too pronounced, I'm intolerant to milk and tea is not tasty enough for me so I just stick with my shabby carton of fruit juice.

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