Ch. 4 Part 4

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3rd Pov

   "stan?" eddie muttered before repeating himself in a yell. "stan?"

eddie stepped down from the tunnel they were in with the other boys following close behind him.

they began hearing small weeps and then footsteps running towards where they were.

"help me please!" the voice sobbed.

it was beverly.

"beverly!" they all screamed.

"guys?" beverly questioned.

   beverly came rushing into the room that they were in. her dress was soaked with mulky grey water which caused her to shiver. she collapsed to her knees from running so much.

the boys rushed over to her.

richie quickly took off his salmon colored hawaiian shirt and hung it over beverly's small torso.

the other boys watched as he helped her up and she swiftly wrapped her arms around his neck and embraced the flustered boy, tightly.

   "where's y/n?" eddie asked. he was visibly nervous, who could blame him. he just wanted to find y/n and get the hell outta there.

"it's not good. it's really not good." beverly sobbed.

   "is she ok?" mike asked, worry lacing his voice.

   "i-i-i dunno."

   "what do you mean?" ben mumbled.

   beverly's sobs only strengthened.

the boys looked at eddie and bill, who stood in shock, waiting to know what happened.

"wh-wh-what – what happened?" bill broke the silence.

beverly wiped her tears as she wondered how to explain this. "she's floating." she spat out.

before the group could react to the set of news that they had just received, they heard the blood curdling screams of stan. the screams soon turned muffled until they eventually stopped completely.

since beverly was visibly light headed, richie picked her up bridal style and they all ran to where they heard their friend's screams.

   "shit... grey water..." eddie hissed at the disgusting prospect of walking around in grey water. 

   they continued yelling for stan as they ran their way through the maze of large tunnels.

   no sign of stan uris could be found anywhere, the kids were panicked.

   now they had to find and rescue two friends from the fatal grasp of the child murdering clown. the disgusting water sloshed all around them as they ran forwards, bill taking the lead.

   suddenly the kids heard another scream resonating from somewhere. immediately they ran to where they heard it came from.

   eventually the kids found a rusted metal door.

   all of the boys except richie, who was still holding the distressed beverly, pushed on the door with all their strength and managed to pry it open.

   just as it opened, bill rushed in first, followed by all the others.

   "stanley!!!" eddie yelled before he ran and saw stan's flashlight lying on the ground. he picked it up, and shined it in front of him, revealing a truly disturbing sight.

   stanley uris with a horrifying creature on top of him. it was sucking his face, and not even in the fun way. 

   blood ran down the creatures mouth as it sucked on stan's face.

   the kids screeched loudly. with all the yelling and the shine of the light, the creature on top of stan tore it's mouth away from the boy's face and looked directly at the rest of the kids.

the creature's creamy eyes, gazing directly into their souls.

   the creature scurried backwards into a pipe. and just when it seemed gone, the clown himself peeped back around the corner, grinning sadistically at the kids. the clown disappeared into the pipe after the kids screams were heard at the sight.

   the losers ran to stan's aid. as the kids laid their hands on him, stan jerked upwards, kicking and screaming at them. richie sat beverly down and he too ran to him.

   stan backed away as everyone tried to get him to stop. they held onto him while he cried hysterically.

   blood was dripping down the sides of his now scarred face.

   "you're not my friends! you made me go into neibolt! you left me!" stan squealed, in between frantic sobs.

   eddie and richie tried to reason with him, but it was futile since stan continued screaming and crying, not giving them a chance to talk.

   ben and mike sat on his side. both felt guilty about what happened to stan.

   beverly had wrapped her arms around stan, muttering comforting phrases to soothe him.

richie felt a tad bit jealous but he knew that now was not the time.

stanley began to settle down.

   none of them had noticed that bill had taken the airgun and ran off, searching for his missing brother.

   eddie was again the first to take notice of the lack of a particular friend, "bill!"  the rest of them noticed as well and stood up immediately.

   richie picked beverly back up and the losers ran to the only place he could've gone, the tunnels.

   the groups screams echoed around the tunnels and into bill's ears. but bill kept running to where he saw his dead brother.

   the group found themselves sloshing around in grey water.

eddie tripped over his own feet and landing right next to a bunch of skulls and other bones. he let go of his flashlight which resulted in him losing it, in the water.

"come on. get out of there, dude. That's grey water ." richie informed eddie.

eddie panicked and began to look around for the flashlight, "where's my fucking flashlight?!"

a decapitated head floated up, decayed and it's bottom jaw gone. it was all bloody. eddie screamed in terror as mike and ben helped him out of the water.

the kids continued running. richie let beverly begin to walk after she insisted on it.

they came to a large sewage area.

beverly stopped walking, which caught all their attention.

"what is it?" mike asked.

"it's y/n – this is where she is." and with that, beverly ran towards where she saw y/n. the boys yelled after her and followed close behind her.

the kids saw beverly stopped and stared at the sky. they looked up to see what her gaze was set on and froze at the sight of y/n, floating in the freezing air.

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