Chapter 15

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After the incident, the school decide to have a few days off. Losing there symbol of peace they need to move a few things around, and by keeping the media down.

"Madara!! You shouldn't do that"

"Shut up!!! Mind your own business Hashirama"

Madara and Hashirama were at home as the both snuck out of the hospital. Of course they left a clone in place.

"You shouldn't cut your hair"


"Shut up already it's only hair nothing to worry about" Madara said as she tried to cut her hair. Hashirama tried to take the kunai out of her hand as they both argued about it.

"Oí, give it back I have no time to play games."

"But I don't want you to cut your hair" Hashirama said with a childish voice as he dodge when Madara tried to grab him.

"You look better with long hair, it suits you" Madara blushes at his comment as she turn around.

"You two need to stop your flirting" Tobirama said as he walked in the living room. After the big fight Tobirama had been a bit cranky than usual since he was the one to keep the media down from reposting the whole charades online and keeping them away from coming near.

"Hmm, But it's true Madara looks lovely with Long hair." Madara walked out and went towards her room. Tobirama sighed at this as he started to make dinner.

Hashirama clueless as usual just shrugged his shoulder once Madara was out of sight and he looked at Tobirama seriously.

"There going to take custody on Madara and I aren't they?"


"It's a consequence we can't avoid"

"Well I figure something else, you need to worried on some other things Elder Brother"

"Huh? What other things?"



Tobirama had received mail as he read the papers. Apparently the school manage to figure out something from all the attacks they had as they plan to install a dorms system to have better security for the students.

"This will be a problem"

-- Time Skip--

'Ding dong'

The door bell ring sounded through out the house as Tobirama open the door. In front of Tobirama was the man assume to be All Might and a man that Madara once described her teacher.

"May we come in"



"Are any of your parents home at the moment" All Might Asked as Aizawa looked around the house with his eyes scanning every detail.

It was clean and neat as there was no pictures of parents only one frame that was on top of a desk down the hall. Tobirama was in the kitchen as he prepare a few drinks as he answered his question.

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