The Bar

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Skylar's POV

We all get home and decided to change, since we all smell like the hospital. 

I open the door to my apartment and expect all of their stuff to be there, but it's all gone. Only a couple of things stay, like our pictures. I pick one up and see me in the middle of Addy and Mackena, Addy kissing me on the cheek while Mackena looking disgusted, I laugh to myself. Those were the good and easy days, now, everything is slowly crashing down. Let's hope that everything will get better.

I change into a new outfit, since my other one smells like sweat and blood. There's also blood on it, which isn't great to go in a bar with. Even though the bartender knows us well, so he wouldn't care, but still.

I change into a casual outfit, since it's not formal. I'm just going to the bar with colleagues, the normal.  Which I haven't done in a while.

Right after changing I get a text

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Right after changing I get a text. It's from Eric.

Eric - Hey! We're waiting for you!

Skylar - Okay, I'll be right there.

Eric - Also, we created a group chat of all six of us

Skylar - Cool, I'm leaving now.

Eric - Okay, see ya

I take one last look at the picture and walk outside, locking the door. I walk outside of the apartment and go to my motorcycle. I put my helmet on and climb on my motorcycle, I roar it to life and drive to the bar.

When I get there, I park and put take my helmet off. I put it on my motorcycle and I go inside of the the bar. When I enter, I automatically search for the others. I see someone waving at me, it's Eric, who is sitting with the others. I walk over to them, and sit down between Laura and Eric. 

"Look who decided to show up." Says David.

"Took me a while to figure out something to wear." I shrug.

"Speaking of." says Cara. "You're rocking that outfit."

"Thanks." I smile.

We all get drinks, I get Tequila, while Eric, David, and Nathan get beer, Cara and Laura get vodka. We all start drinking, eating some nuts and talking.

"Looks like you aren't getting drunk tonight." Says Nathan.

"Neither are you." I say. "You're the one drinking beer."

"True that." He shrugs. "But, I have to go to the hospital later."

"And I have an excuse." Says Nathan. "I'm driving."

"Same." I say.

"I don't." Says David. "I just like the taste of beer."

"Or.. you're a lightweight." Says Laura, making us all laugh.

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