I see new ships...

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"I think you should talk to Star, and help him out. You do know Ryuu better than anyone else here," he points out matter-of-factly. Alright, you stupid, splashing fish, no need to point out the obvious.

"I guess it wouldn't hurt to try and help out a friend..." I slowly make my way to Star.

"Hi," I greet shyly. Star looks at me but doesn't say a word to me. He looks so tired and unhappy. "Star? Is there anything on your mind?" I reach out and place a hand on his shoulder. He flinches a little but doesn't push me away.

"..." he sighs and looks at Toxic and Ryuu. She's laughing at something he said and Star frowns.

"Star, come on...we're friends right? We can talk..." I try to get a reaction from him. It's not working. I sigh and was about to to talk away when he mumbled something. "What? Could you repeat that please?"

"I said...I miss her..." Star blushes and looks embarrassed at having admitting that to me. I'm surprised. I didn't think DestinyHeartShipping had an actual chance. Even though I'm the one who created the ship name.

"Star...if you miss her, go talk to her," I push him towards Ryuu's direction. Star sighs but does as I say. He slowly walks up to the girl in question, looking ready to actually run away. Ryuu looks up from Toxic and freezes when seeing Star in front of her.

Watching from the sidelines, I hope with fingers crossed this doesn't end badly.

Ryuu gets up from the couch, despite Toxic trying to get her to stay. She has her arms crossed, with a small frown on her face. Her eyes, however, look sad and confused as to why Star is there. The boy in question looks so nervous that he runs away.

Unluckily for him, Ryuu chased after him and tackles him to the ground. Straddling his lap, she has him pinned.

"Running away already without saying a word?" she asks, feigning sadness, or maybe that's real. Star gulps nervously and looks away from her direction. She sighs at his actions, and hugs him. After a few moments, Star hugs back.

They exchange words between them and Ryuu smiles brightly, running to her room. Star walks after her.


What in the name of Arceus happened?

Are they fine?

Did they make up?

Are they official???

I decide to just check up on them both...

Walking up to Ryuu's room slowly, I hear a pained voice.

Ok, what the hell are they doing in there?!

I open the door quickly and see...

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