I see new ships...

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I have no idea how this happened but...

Toxic and Ryuu are...

Really close to each other.

By close, I mean they look so inseparable.

Ryuu always hugs him whenever she sees him.

They both poke each other a lot.

She even tickled him one time and Toxic blushed, not doing anything.

I see the both of them curled up on a couch discussing about Toxic's new book...I think it's about world domination or something along those lines...

'Well it looks like there is a new ship now...' I think to myself. HetaliaShipping has a nice ring to it.

"BOO!" I shriek and kick the person behind me.

"OH, ARCEUS!" I turn around and see Shiny on the floor, holding his leg in pain.

"Y-you kick hard..." he wheezes out, sweat dropping a little.

"Why wouldn't I..." I mutter, rolling my eyes. "I told you to not scare me like that," I whine, pouting a little.

Shiny gets up and pinches my cheek.

"I do it because you look so cute, plus it's also fun," he kisses the top of my head. I blush at his actions.

Lately, he's been pinching me and hugging me a lot, along with kissing my head with any chance he gets. He claims it's in the name of friendship...

"So, have you noticed Ryuu and Toxic?" I nod my head to the two, Ryuu hugging Toxic with a bright smile, and Toxic is hugging her back with a small blush visible on his face.

"Oh, right...apparently those two are official," Shiny looks at them in thought.

"WHAT!?" I screech. DestinyHeartShipping is supposed to be sailing!!!

"I'm only kidding!" he raises his hands up in surrender. "I think Ryuu is still not talking to Star, and Toxic is being there for her as a friend."

Toxic pokes Ryuu's cheeks and she pouts at him. I look to the side and see Star watching the two friends. He looks between wanting to cry or stab someone. Poor Star...

I shake my head. Things have been too messy at the base, and I feel like everyone could just use some downtime.

Shiny pokes my head.

"Hmm?" I look up at him, tilting my head in confusion.

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