Chapter Twenty Six

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Jax's POV

"It's really not that difficult once you get the hang of it Annabelle, honestly" I tried to convince her.

We were currently sitting crossed legged opposite each other in my back garden and I was trying to show her how the mind link works. By law she wasn't allowed to officially become the packs Luna until she learnt it and connect with the pack.

To say she was shocked when I first told her about it would be an understatement, in fact she outright laughed at the idea of it before I proved it to her by calling Xavier over with my mind link and doing a full ten minutes of what number was I thinking of. After not getting a single one wrong she had no choice but to believe us.

She groaned in frustration and ran her hands over her face "well if it's so easy then why can't I do it yet?"

I smiled at her to try and ease some of her tension and reached over to take her hands into mine. "It's most probably because your wolf hasn't fully emerged yet. Mind linking works by one wolf talking to another, not human talking to human telepathically".

"Well then why are we even bothering if it's impossible without my wolf, whatever that means." I could tell she was getting frustrated with the way she was frowning at the ground and pulling the grass out of the ground by its roots.

"It means your wolf still hasn't fully come out yet, you are not able to have a conversation with her yet" I tried to explain. I don't think she was aware of just how important it is for her to learn it.

"I will be able to talk to her?" She finally looked up at me, curious again.

"Not in full sentences but she will be there when you need her yes. Now shall we get back to it? Maybe doing this will help lure her out more".

I looked into my little mates eyes to see the sparkle had returned into her eyes. She no longer looked bored, she looked more like her determined self. "Let's do it".

"Okay so close your eyes... Focus on my wolf, his eye colour, fur colour, his height... everything. Focus on trying to connect with him."

She nodded and took a deep breath through her nose and closed her eyes. She was silent for a few minutes and just as I started to see her give up hope I suddenly felt a slight push in my mind. I smiled a full megawatt smile at her, not that she could see it, and closed my eyes to try and reach out to her too.

She was just within reach, just one more stretch, when we were suddenly interrupted by a pack member forcing their way into my mind.

I growled in anger, not liking the disrespect that member was showing me but sobered up when the wolf said a few words to me. It was my brother.

"Annabelle we have to go. Now".

I shot up to my feet, pulling Annabelle with me, and ran as fast as we could to my parents house. All I knew was that my brother was in trouble, no one would tell me anything else.

"Jax what's happening?" I heard Annabelle whisper behind me, obviously shocked and slightly panicked by my sudden reaction.

"Will is in trouble, he went on a scouting mission with a few other pack members this morning."

Annabelle stayed silent which I was very thankful for, I didn't have the answers to the questions I knew she would be asking me.

My parents didn't live to far away from me and in a few minutes we were on their property and I was banging on the front door. When nobody answered I sighed in frustration before I let go of Annabelles hand and started rooting around the many plant pots, trying to find the spare key they kept around here.

I felt movement behind me and I looked around to see Annabelle was doing exactly the same on the other side of the path, obviously understanding what I was doing.

She found the key almost straight away and I sighed in relief as I took it from her and quickly unlocked the door.

What we were greeted with was pure mayhem.

Pack warriors were running left and right with the majority of people huddled around the open plan dining room where a map was spread out over the table.

"What the hell is going on here?" I yelled and suddenly everyone froze as they felt the power of their Alpha entering the room. I felt Annabelle shrink behind me, not liking the attention she was receiving. I tightened my hold on her and wrapped my arm around her waist, hoping I was giving her enough reassurance to get through the next few hours.

"Its Will son, he hasn't come back from his scout mission" my dad told me as he came up to us and placed a hand on my shoulder.

I frowned "well maybe they just ran over, it's not like we were expecting them back at a certain time".

"It's not just that. One of the men that went with them came back. He was covered in blood and barely made it to the medical bay before passing out. He's there now, Dr Tessler is working on him as best she can but apparently with all the stress his body has gone though it's touch and go."

I closed my eyes for a second and took in a breath, mentally preparing myself for what our pack was about to go though. This is where my Alpha training came into its own, not many people would know how to deal with a situation like this.

I walked over to the map on the dining room table and took in what I could see, a lot of X's and circled areas but apart from that not much. "What do we have?"

"Well we knew they were heading in this direction when they left the pack in the early hours this morning" one of my warriors explained as he pointed towards the south side of our territory. "The last update we had from them was ten thirty telling us that they had witnessed suspicious activity and that they were going to investigate further. If they were going at the standard pace then they would have only been able to get as far as this area here".

I nodded my understanding before I took a pen and started crossing sections off. "I know my brother and I know that he would not enter any pack territory without permission from their Alpha. As I haven't gotten a call from anyone we can rule out these areas here" I muttered as I crossed out all of the known pack territories.

"That would mean they could only be in this area". I circled the area but as I was starting to form a plan in my head my sister suddenly screamed my name from the stairs.

I dropped the pen and sprinted over to Hannah to find Annabell passed out at in her arms.

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