Chapter 4: Eternal Kiss

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I felt like I was walking on clouds. Tonight was turning out to be the best Friday night ever. Usually it was fun but today had made this rainy September my favorite month. Maybe I would have to start being less judgie of Virgos. Virgo's the eternally paranoid zodiac children that will go cray cray on you and ruin your credit! 

It was almost like the stars and moons were finally aligning in my favor.  I should by a lottery ticket. Nah, won't push my luck. Plus I keep hearing you got to play to win and honestly why gamble with money when matters of the heart are the higher stake of gambling to begin with. 

Jeremiah and I left the dance floor in search of a beverage. I wasn't really a big drinker but I was definitely thirsty. Now to decide which bar to go to. The upstairs bars were crowded, so I decided that we would go to the one downstairs. You usually didn't have too long of a wait and the bartender Mona is really nice. 

Making our way down the steps and to the left we went to find Mona. I didn't really know anything more that her name but she was always quick to help. I knew better than to rest my hands on the bar because this bar counter was unique. It was granite with a deep groove that went through it where water would run. I didn't want to get my sleeves wet. Ah Mona noticed me.

"Hi Donavin, good to see you! Amaretto Sour Shaken?" she said with a smile.

"Hi Mona! That sounds amazing but for now I want a bottled water." I replied.

I turned to Jeramiah and asked, "What do you want babe?" hehe I called him babe, let's see how he responds. "I'll have the same and here this is for the water." Jeramiah answered.

That ninja was paying for my drink! "You know I can afford to get us water babe," HA! Said it again! Teehee!!!

"I'm certain you could but it's my pleasure to take care of you" Jeramiah replied. I'm not used to all the generosity, and it's nice. I mean in my past relationships I had always been the provider. I may be hyper and a goth but I'm still a dude. I don't mind supporting those I cared about. This included Jensa who I fiercely took care of cause she's my girl.  

"Thanks," I said.

Our bottled water arrived quickly and Mona was looking at me funny."So how long have you two been a couple? I've never seen you here with him before. Come on spill it! Introduce." she asked, while perking that real thin penciled eyebrow our direction. I can't believe she asked that in front of Jeramiah. Cheeks feeling flush with embarrassment I gave her a look. My eyes promised forty lashes with a wet noodle! Still I kinda wondered a bit about us too. I mean we were definitely something more than friends but what? How should I respond? My thoughts vanished when Jeramiah spoke for me. 

"Mona, I'm Jeramiah, Donavin's boyfriend and we got together recently." Hold the wait what? It hasn't even been a day! I was speechless. For me that's pretty hard! 

He called me his boyfriend! I was visualizing a wedding on the beach. Just a few close friends, my family, my dog. I wonder what our honeymoon would be like? I must of had a dazed obviously daydreaming, smile on my face, cause Mona snapped me back into reality with an olive skewer. 

"Hey! You poked me!" I told her feigning a wound.

"Well you had a funny face and looked deep in thought I couldn't help it. I'm very happy to meet you Jeramiah. Congratulations to you two." "Pleasure is mine. Thank you." he said."Thank you Mona!" I also said.

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