Just Cy

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Scot spent the afternoon with him and while he enjoyed the movie, having his older brother waiting for them outside the theater made Cy wonder what Lucah and Raven did. An extra chair had been added to their table for their dinner reservations and Lucah talked the entire time about wanting a house.

When Scot excused himself for a moment, Cy leaned across the table and raised his eyebrows. "Brother, why aren't you asking Raven?"

Lucah studied the flowers on his thumbnails. "I don't know where he is. He isn't answering his phone."

"What does he normally do? Scot said you and Raven had plans tonight."

Lucah raised his gaze then, looking Cy in the eye. Scot joined them again and whatever Lucah had been about to say remained unspoken.

"I'm sorry." Scot smiled. "I have to go?" he added, bending down to kiss Cy on the cheek. "I've paid the bill and I'll call you later?"

"Sure." Cy stood, tossing his napkin onto his plate, and arched a brow at Lucah. His brother fidgeted for a minute before he cleared his throat.

"Goodnight." Lucah smiled, and Cy rolled his eyes as he made his way to the door. Did he need a sitter? Why had Scot asked him out if he thought Cy was too young?

He rounded the corner and entered the lobby, pulling out his cellphone.

'I'm starving.' he typed, tapped send, and then backed against the wall as Scot and Lucah walked past him. They were holding hands and headed straight to the elevators. His cell vibrated in his hand and he looked down.

'Meet me outside? I was thinkin' Molly's?' Az responded.

'In Hours? Yeah, sure.' Cy replied and glanced at the elevators again, but Scot and Lucah were gone. Okay, they were Feline. Lucah was a bundle of freaky on a good day, and today had been an 'excellent one', according to Lucah's recap. Now that he thought about it, Lucah hadn't mentioned Raven once.

Az had pulled to the curb, and the top to the sixty-eight Firebird was down, so Cy hopped over the door. His twin made his way into traffic and Cy slid down in the seat.

"So?" Az asked as he pulled up to the light.


"How was your date?"

"The movie was good."

"I thought he took you to dinner."

"Azzy, why did Lucah come, too?" Cy asked.

"Lucah? Isn't he mated to Raven?"

"I thought so. Now, I'm not so sure what they are doing. Crow brought Raven to the hotel this morning, and he looked like he'd tangled with a house cat and lost."

"What do you mean?" Az frowned.

"He had cuts and scratches all over him, his clothes were torn up like that time you rolled your Harley and ate gravel."

"I didn't know Raven had a motorcycle," Az said, sounding thoughtful. "Switch places?"

Cy counted spaces to the driver's side just as the light turned green. No one else would have noticed unless they were staring at them or in the car.

"No one mentioned a bike. Scot came with him. Somehow the man managed 'right on time', even with Raven being hurt."

"Cy, I'm gonna say this and you take it how you want."

"I'm listening." He knew his twin wanted to talk him out of dating Scot. Well, Az could try anyway.

"I think Raven and Lucah have an Order mating. I'm not even sure they do anything but the public pretty."

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