2 - Crushing on Her

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"Good Morning everyone, and happy Saturday! You're listening to 95.6." announced that radio man as I drove to my house.

"As you all know every morning we have a person on a call that tells us a story and you have to guess if it's real or not! So here we have on a call Ashley Holmes. Good morning!"

"Good Morning." said a girl around my age.

"So tell us what's your story?"

"Alright Simon. One night I was sleeping over my boyfriend's house for the first time. When we went to bed, I asked him if he was scared of the tickle monster under his bed, as he had his feet hanging off the side. He laughed at me and told me not to be so childish. During the night, he woke me up, slightly laughing, saying, "Stop it I know it's you. And I'm not even ticklish on my foot." I said I was still right beside him, so he turned on the bedside light. I've never heard a 19 year old guy scream so loudly before or jump so high. Who was under the bed? His dad, who overheard out conversation. He crawled out from under the bed, high-fived me, and left the room." and then she started to laugh like some horse on drugs. There's no way that's a real story. And why the hell would a dad hide under the bed in the first place, my father would definitely not do that.

"Well folks it's your decision!" the radio man said and started to play 'Am I wrong by Nico & Vinz'.

I opened my garage door and parked my car. Then, I grabbed my coat and my purse and walked inside. Quickly I took a warm shower and changed into short shorts and a purple T-shirt. Finally I can get some real sleep. I hate sleeping at other people houses it's hard to fall asleep and if I hear any noises I wake up. In this bed I sleep like a baby, I'm sure if there is going to be an earthquake I would sleep even tighter.

I own a small house that has one bedroom and one bathroom, it's perfect for me. My parents are retired and now traveling the world. Once in a while I would get a call from them and maybe a box shipped from Italy with a bunch of cool stuff. They love me and always support me with everything, except they don't know that I work as a bartender. I don't know if I will ever tell them my dirty little secret because I won't have that job for very long.

It was already my time to work and I decided to put on high wasted leather shorts and a white blouse. I grabbed my curling wand and made my curls. My look reminded me of Taylor Swift at her RED concert. (Picture on the side). I did my smokey eye, applied some concealer on my pink cheek and added a light pink lipbalm to finish off my look. Quickly I walked towards my garage door and slipped on my red flats and jumped into my car. I backed out and drove towards my work.

The place was crowded tonight and it was hard to find a parking space, everyone was yelling, some people were standing by the side of the road drinking beer. Finally I found my spot and parked my car, then I grabbed my purse and walked towards the back of the bar where the workers would enter. I said hi to the bodyguard and walked through a hallway that had neon green lights. There were a few band posters that were hanging on the wall. For example, The 1975, Fall Out Boys, Beatles, Linkin Park, Imagine Dragons, Slipknot, and Panic at the Disco.

I put on a black apron around my waste and walked behind the bar.

"Hey," said a girl who worked with me tonight. I never got her name so I waved nicely, "Hey, is it busy tonight?"

"Not yet," we chuckled and I started serving drinks. After about two hours of working I saw Christopher at the back of the bar sitting at the table with some of his friends. Some girls were eye raping him and were trying way too hard to get his attention. He was talking to his friends about something and he looked really bothered by something.

I shrugged and served another cold bear to group of girls that were giggling about something. Apparently one of them had her 24th birthday. After my short 10 minute break I came back to the bar table to serve any more drinks these alcoholics wanted I saw Christopher looking at the bar shelves that had a bunch of bottles. His eyes shot towards me and he waved his hand towards me for me to come to him.

I carefully walked towards him not knowing if he's going to do something or order a drink.

"Hey," he said in a deep voice.

"Hi, you want anything to drink? It's on the house,"

He looked down playing with a dark red napkin, "No, I was actually wanted to talk to you."

"About what?" I shifted my foot a little bit.

"Last night," he said his eyes shot up at me. "Oh."

He leaned up towards me and touched my cheek with his hand. His hand was rough and cold. I flinched at the feeling, "It still hurts."

"If I will ever see him again he's dead." he said in a very dangerous voice that made goosbumps go down my neck.

"It's fine. I'm sure he was just dru-"

"Mia!" he cut me off raising his voice. "He almost fucking raped you. Are you out of your mind. That asshole should be put to jail."

"So do you!" I said back to him with a cold voice.

His eyes widened at my choice of words, "You don't know shit about me Mia!"

"Wow, watch your language before you fuck up. If you know what I mean." Andre said raising his eyebrow at Christopher while patting him on his hard shoulder. What is he talking about and when did he get here?

"You need to report him." Christopher said calming his voice down.


"What happened?" Andre asked looking concerned.

"Why are you guys talking to me anyways, you do realize that I'm a bartender not a girl you can sleep around with."

"Well I'm here cause you make good drinks and Chrissy is here because he has a crush on you." he pinched Christopher's cheeks and they went slightly red.

"Stop touching me you idiot. I don’t have a crush on her." he pushed him making Andre step back a little bit.

Andre laughed, "Are you positive? No." I roll my eyes at both of them and ignore the butterflies in my stomach.

"Can we talk about last night?" Christopher asked pleading me with his beautiful eyes.

"I'm working, and I've already used my break."

"When is your shift over?"

"6 a.m. Don't tell me you're going to be here for another 4 hours."

"Oh he will." Andre cuts in.

I chuckle, "Maybe we can go to iHop after that?" Christopher suggests begging with his eyes to say yes.

"Oh, can I come too? I haven't been there for like two years already."

"No." he says giving him a death glare. I chuckled at their small argument, "Sure, just for a little bit. I'm getting tired already."

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