After he left I just watched TV until I fell asleep.

I slept for a good hour or two when I woke up I checked my phone and saw the time said: 5:30 p.m. I then got up out the bed to go fix me something to eat. Then my phone started ringing. It was La La.
"Hey girl." I greeted.
"Hey what you doing prego?"
"Just got up from a nap."
"Well I want to go out tonight so are you coming out too?"
"Sure why not ?"
"Well be ready in a hour or so."

After I hung up I contiued to make me a little snack then once I was done I made my way to take a shower. My shower was about twenty minuets. After my shower I dried off and put lotion on my body. I them caught a glimpse of my body in the morning. I them began to fell on my pregnant stomach. I was starting to show just a little and it made me realize so much more. I'm a soon to be mom.

Now came the part of my days I sort of didn't like. Every since I became pregnant. Getting dress. I sometimes couldn't fit my jeans. Somethings don't feel comfortable on my body. Finding something to wear was a challenge for me.

I finally settled for a black jumpsuit with my hair in a messy bun. I didn't really need make-up I already had this glow to me. I didn't know if it was because of Semaj or the baby.

La La then texted me to tell me she was outside. I made sure I looked good then I left out. La La had a big smile on her? face to see me coming out with her.

"I can't believe I got you away from Semaj and out with me." La La smiled. And I laughed.
"I'm ready to do some dancing I hope this club had non alcohol drinks."
"They do so relax yourself. I'm pretty sure they got water."

We pulled up to , Sugardaddy's Gentlemen's Club. That's was the club that niggas that's paid like crazy money would go. They blow crazy amoumts of money in here on the dancers. La La actually worked here. I was wondering now what would she bring me here?

"What we doing here?" I asked.
"I'm meeting Ty here and we gonna have some boss ass bitch time. Relax I'm not working to night I just came for a little fun with my girl so come on."
"Whatever the minute I feel weird. We out this place."
"Girl hush."
When we got in there all seen was ass. Ass was everywhere. It was money flying Every. It was live in there I swear it was movie forreal.

We eventually came to a stop to sit in VIP with Ty. But I stood instead. You can see he looks a little off. I really felt bad about what had happened with Baby. I honestly know that feeling of closing someone. Even though he doesn't know if he lost him yet or not because Baby is on life support. It was just a sad case.

"Hey Baby." La La placed a kiss on Ty lips Ty smiled until he seen me then he qucikly put his attention back on La La. I was having a bad feeling so far.

"Ty I brought Nana out with me are you good with that?"
"Yeah she ain't got nothing at all with me and Semaj and our beef."
"Well good Now can you sit down now Nana?"
"Fine." I took a seat. Then kept my eye on Ty just in case he made any strange movement.
"Y'all want any thing to drink."
"Yeah I want some Henny and get her a water." Lala ordered I just smiled.
When Ty left me and Lala talked laughed and then it got to me that Ty hand been gone a good minute with our drinks just when I brought him up in my mind he came walking up with our drinks.
"I was wondering what took you so long." La La said handing me my drink then taking hers. Ty just took a seat.
I took a good drink from my cup then I sat my drink down on the table. I then had to already had to use the bathroom so I got up and walked towards the bathroom. La La was too busy kissing all over Ty.
After I use the bathroom I washed my hands and then dried them and returned to the section.
"I still can't believe you pregnant." La La  said letting out a huge smile. I couldn't help but sort of smile
I was super happy to be a mom. I took a seat and drunk some of my water once again and while I danced and laughed with Lala every now and then Ty would joke with us and it would great. Then Ty had a business meet in the club on the side by the exit. So it left me and La La alone.

But then something really didn't feel right. I was dancing and so was Lala but then I got super dizzy I began to stumble. I was feeling super sick then I started reachimg for a wall or something because i couldn't see my vision was going blurry.

I felt La La baegan to help me to the exit. I could hear Ty say something about a van but then after few more steps things went black. The darkness took over and I couldn't seem to figure out what was going on.

Finally when I come back to life again. Everything was blurry. I had a huge headace like a bad hangover. I tired to move then I felt like I was strapped down , which I was. I was so confused I didn't remember anything I just knew I was somewhere trapped and I had to do whatever to get out of here.

Then I see La la walk in the room she was dressed in all black she didn't look happy and I was wondering what was going on.
"Lala What the fuck is going on untie me and get me out of here." I said trying to be free but still not getting anywhere with that.

"Look bitch you ain't going nowhere until we get what we came for." La La rolled her eyes then walked back out the room.
I was even more confused for what happened ?What happened that turned La La agaisnt me?"

No one came in the room where I was until like two hours later. Then are these two guys. One was short and cocky while the other was tall and and really buff. I was a little scared for what was about I happen.
"You a pretty little bitch ain't you?" The short cocky dude said.
I just gave him a disgusting look and spit at him landing just inches away from him.
"You little nasty bitch." He laughed.
"Fuck you ." I wasn't showing no weakness what so ever.
The other guy just walked around staring at my body that completely out because I was stripped naked. Then he got done staring and made his way over to me and started touching my body. I pulled away as far as. I then I the cocky guy threw a good lick straight to my face causing my lip to bleed.

"My crack head mother hits harder than that." I contiued to be hard up.
"You think you tough bitch?"
"You damn right."
"Let's seen how long that will last."
The two guys left soon after I sat there hungry in pain and I had a huge headache. I was deep down hoping Semaj came for me soon becasuse I was scared for what was going to maybe go down.

Eventually I fell asleep then I felt a freezing splash of water touch my naked body which woke me up. I woke to Ty hold a bucket and gun point right at me. I woke up fast. Never have I had a gun pointed in my face but a this moment I was scared.

"You woke bitch?" Ty asked.
"You know my name you better use it." I replied.
"Are You really telling me what I better do while I got you tied up with a gun pointed at you?"
"You right I am."
"Look I don't give a fuck about you being pregnant I will break you down I until you tell me where Semaj is or how I can get to him."
"Why would I do that?"
"You want to live right?"
"You must not know who Semaj really is he'll come for me and when he does you should be very worried."
"Atually I'm hoping he does come for you so I can kill him dead for what he did to my brother."
"Semaj never did anything to Baby I hope this ain't about Baby because Semaj would never try to kill him. You really got things all wrong. Semaj might not be on good terms with you but I  swear to God Semaj didn't do this." I tired to plead out and explain but Ty wasn't trying to hear me.
"Look I know he did this and he is gonna pay for so I'll sit back and wait for him to come to your little rescue cause that's when he'll least expect it."

Ty had me shooked and it was crushing me. What if Semaj never finds me? What if they find Semaj before he finds me? I was scared and I wasn't acting hard nomore I was breaking down crying things just hit rock bottom.

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