Chapter Three

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There's a moment of silence between the boys and the testosterone in the room is building too strong. I move in between them and put my hand on Shaun's chest and push him back as he gives a glaring, deadly stare to the guy.

"Shaun don't. Just leave, okay? You're drunk. We'll discuss this when you're sober," I try to compromise so that there isn't a full on fist fight in the middle of my door.

"Don't tell me what to fucking do," he moves his glare down to me and I quickly remove my hand from his chest.

"Be careful," the voice from the guy behind me whispers. His hand places on my shoulder and gently pulls me back to him and away from the guy who I once thought would be supportive of me and willing to help me through this. I was wrong though. He was none of those things.

I step back until I can feel the closeness of the guy's body but not fully touching him. Shaun's eyes grew angrier than before which I didn't think was possible. Without skipping a beat, he reached forward and grabbed me by arm and pulls me to him but his drunk vision wasn't helping as he flings me behind him and my head hits against the wall.

"Don't touch my girl," Shaun warns him. The words felt like acid in my ears. I wasn't his girl, I was just a good fuck remember? I feel light headed and I reach my hand up to touch my head where I hit it and where it begins to sting. Pulling my hand back, there's blood on it from a big gash which has opened on my forehead. My god why is this happening? Before I even know it, Shaun has thrown himself at the mysterious guy and is throwing punches but his in his drunken state, they're not getting him far. He continues to swing aimlessly as the guy blocks his punches and ducks to avoid getting hit. All it takes to put Shaun down is a quick blow to the chest and he looses his balance and it on the floor next to me. My head begins to pound as my neighbour comes over to me.

"Are you okay?" He looks worryingly at my forehead. I nod my head but as I try to stand up, I feel a wave of unsteadiness and grab onto his arm which is helping me up. "Woah woah, take it easy." There's a moment of silence as I try to regain my balance and nod back up at him. His eyes are stunning and sparkling. "Let's get you inside," he nods towards my apartment. I nod once again and look at Shaun lying on the ground, groaning as I walk past.

"I bet he's the father anyway isn't he Brook?" He slurs unfailingly, not even trying to move to sit up. I look at Shaun in his eyes and all I see is hate and sadness. He did this to himself. I look away from him because I know that if I continue to look into those eyes that I was once so attracted to, I would never come back from them. I would be lost in the false hope of him being the guy I wanted him to be, being the father I wanted him to be.

"Go home mate," was the last words mystery guy said before closing my door and locking it.

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