Chapter 2 ~ No Luck

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Hey guys, 

I'm hoping you're liking Sadie's story so far :) 

I dunno if you've noticed, but each chapter is names after an Ed Sheeran song, because, you know, he's a god and all that. 

Well, enjoy!

Love,Claire Bear xxxxxx


The young man planted his lips on the forehead of his little sister once more before straightening up and beaming down at his beautiful family. 

“Hey,” one of the younger girls whined loudly, a sulky pout lingering on her small, pink mouth as she tugged demandingly on the hem of her brother’s sweater.  “How come Fizz gets an extra kiss?” 

“Oh, it’s because I love her more,” the boy grinned, causing the young girl yanking on his clothing to glare at him with her eyes, as blue as the deepest part of the ocean. 

“That’s not true,” she protested as she trod on his feet.  “Mum says no favourites, right, Mama?” 

“She also says no tattling, doesn’t she?” the boy said, tapping the tip of the child’s nose and causing her to giggle.  “You know I’m kidding, Daisy-Maisy.  I love you too.” He winked, bending down to press his lips to her honey-blonde hair and pat her affectionately on the cheek. 

“Me too!” a child identical to the one clinging to the boy’s sweater squealed, rushing forward and tripping in her haste to reach her older brother. “One for me too, Lou!” 

“Of course, Phoebe, I couldn’t forget you!” the boy exclaimed with a grin, giving her a gentle kiss on the top of her head of blonde hair, the same warm shade of honey as her twin’s. 

“How you manage to tell those two apart, I still have no idea,” his mother muttered wearily to her son as she ran a hand tiredly through her mess of caramel brown hair, indistinguishable from the pigment of her son’s.  The boy laughed, elation buzzing through his veins like heroin as he knelt to gather all four of his sisters in his arms and squeeze them tightly into a massive, compressed group hug. 

“All right, let mummy in,” their mother said, smiling wearily as she bent to clutch her children close to her heart. 

“You’ll send me messages, right, Louis?” the eldest of the girls asked eagerly, whipping out a shiny new cell phone from her hand-me-down purse she had gotten from mum the last Christmas. 

“Silly, you only want me to message you so you’ll have a reason to text,” the lad teased her, grinning and cocking a knowing eyebrow. 

“No,” she denied sulkily, but Louis laughed as he kissed her on the cheek and hugged her tightly to his chest. 

“Course I’ll text you, Lottie.  What would I do without my little sister telling me how stupid I look in my Toms?”  She giggled, shrugging her shoulders and wrinkling her nose. 

“Bye, Louis!” Another girl exclaimed, throwing her slim arms around the boy’s neck and jumping slightly as she leaped onto his chest. 

“Oomph!  Don’t break me, Fizz.  Blimey, you’re getting too big for this,” Louis laughed, grunting slightly as he hoisted her up into his arms. “I’ll miss you, okay?” 

“Okay,” she whispered in his ear, nearly squeezing him to the point of asphyxiation before clambering down to the floor. 

“Hey, mum said we can go get a juice from the snack machine!” one of the twins said eagerly, and, with a whirl of flying skirts, sweaters, and squeals, the blonde-haired, blue-eyed Tomlinson quartet was off, racing through the crowd of people and dashing for the nearest vender. 

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