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Narrator's POV

Mary was still mourning her loss . It's been almost 2 years and she still hasn't told anyone about her miscarriage.  It's been something she wanted to say for a while , but she hasn't had the good comfort too.

She was laying on the couch with Chris and Trey laying on both sides with her .

She was finally going to tell them . Her heart began racing. Her leg began bouncing up and down .

"It's been almost 2 years since August's death . Before that when we got into an argument . I began bleeding from in between my legs . He rushed me to the hospital to find out I had a miscarriage. I didn't know until I got there . We were both devastated. That shit has been killing me inside since it happened. Every time I go to the cemetery to visit his August's grave he shows up . A weeks ago I went and he had appeared with a baby in his arms . Y'all were supposed to have a nephew." I began to get choked up but I didn't cry .

"I was supposed to have a little baby boy." They were in disbelief.

"Why didn't you tell me this Mary ." I heard Ethan's voice come from the front door .

"Ayo chill man ." Trey said to him .

"She been through so much lately it's difficult to process." Chris added .

"You should've told me baby . I'm always going to be there for you . I told you ." Said Ethan .

"I know it's just been a lot lately." I said as I got up from the couch .

I walked over to him.

"Stuff like this ain't easy to process. I needed to let everything out . The doctors told me this would happen after the miscarriage. I apologize for all the trouble I've caused you and the guys ." I said .

"Don't apologize M. This isn't your fault ." Chris said .

"Yeah babygirl don't apologize. It's all fine . All you have to do is talk to me . Let me know what's bothering you so I could help you get it off your chest , or sold the problem." He took me in his arms for a hug.

"I love you ." He kissed my forehead.

Suddenly I just stopped moving and just stood there as a flashback ran through my head .

3 years ago

Mary's POV

"August what do you think looks good with this dress?" I asked him as I was getting ready to go out for an event .

"Yeah baybeh them heels look gorgeous all you need is a small gold necklace to finish it off ." He said as he was also looking for an outfit.

I saw him push away this black velvety type blazer .

"Babe grab that black one . It will look so good on you . The color is beautiful." I said referring to the velvet blazer .

"Thanks I thought it would look ugly since my shoes are a little bit like this material."

1 hour later .

"Ms.Fenty what would a beautiful lady like you have to say about you and Mr. Alsina?
Do you think you will marry him and have kids with him one day ?" The lady on the red Carpet asked as she recorded us .

"Of course. This man right here next to me is nothing but a kind and gentle person. He is extremely amazing at what he does , and who he is, is just a bonus. When we get married all of my dreams would have come true . He's all I asked for in a man ." I said into the microphone.

"Aww that's so so sweet . Mr. Alsina it' seems like you have a very loving lady ." She smiled .

"So what would you say Mr.Alsina ? Would you want to marry her and have your kids with her ?" He was now on the spot .

"Of course ! This woman is extraordinary. The way she handles everything with grace is so precious. She cares for me a lot . She's helped me through my struggles with drug and alcohol abuse. I will dedicate all of my hard work and who I am to her . She's the reason I'm even here sober right now . She's one of a kind . I don't think our future kids would think otherwise." I watched him with a huge smile on my face . The way he spoke about me was beautiful.

"So it seems like you're a soon to be Mrs.Alsina. This is the most in love I've seen your partner. His past partners do not have nothing on this love you have with him . It seems so strong and loyalty is a huge part of it from what I'm hearing."she smiled .

"Yes, hopefully I will be his future and forever partner." I kissed his cheek .

"Well I thank you for your time . I wish you a great and fun time tonight at the Grammys." She finished off .

We dismissed ourselves and made our way into the building for the awards .

"Baybeh." He called out .

I turned to face him . He leaned in and kissed me .

"I love you Aug." I softly smiled.

"I love ya too baybeh." He chuckled.

"Ouuu child! Our kids are going to be so beautiful. Their momma is so gorgeous . All I wish for is that they have your eyes . Them eyes of yours is all I could ever think of. I can't wait to have a little me running around the house." He got so happy when he talked about kids .

I got quiet and faced the other way . The smile that was once on my face had disappeared . I came back to earth and remembered that I couldn't give him what he wants.  That immediately broke my heart .  It's so sad to me that I couldn't give him a little angel that him and I can care for . It's the only thing he dreams of . He talks about it all the time . I sit there and agree with everything he's saying knowing it's impossible. 

I just have to stay strong and hope I get that problem fixed soon . I want to give him what he's always wanted . There's not a doubt in my mind that he would never fail to be an amazing father . 

I took a hold of his hand and just watched the award ceremony start . All I've ever wanted is right in front of me .

Back to real time

"What are you thinking about Mary ?" I heard Ethan ask . I quickly snapped out of the state of mind I was in .

"Oh , it was just a flash back of something funny ." I laughed it off .

"You looked so deep In your thoughts. Tell me the truth was it something more serious?" He was now making me nervous.

"No , it was literally something that I had done this morning ." I fake chuckled as I lied right through my teeth.

"Don't worry about me E . I'm just happy you are here , and that you understand what I've been going through." I smiled .

"Just promise you'll stick with me through my darkest days ." I held his hand .

"I promise." He took me into his arms .

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