His Mafia Queen

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"Oh honey, I'm the damn queen around here." -The Mafia Queen

Victoria's life was already far from ordinary, but when her father forces her in to an arranged marriage, things get even more crazy. She's the definition of Spanish Beauty. With an attitude and a high held head on her shoulders, she could do almost about anything. So, it wasn't too hard to get Damion to fall for her.

Damion is as cold as the winter snow. He's been with many women, but none of them could get them to stay. Until Victoria, that is. She's the only bright light in his eyes. To him, she's more important than breathing. And he'd do anything to keep her out of harms way. But not even Damion can keep her away from what's about to happen.

With drama, romance, and lots of arguments, will they even make it to their wedding? Let's find out.

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