Chapter 11: Arabian Nights

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Red's POV

It was a long time ago in a far foreign kingdom of who-men, there lived a sultan named Schariar. He had a wife whom he loved so dearly that she was the only wife he had. His greatest happiness was to surround her with splendour, and to give her the finest dresses and the most beautiful jewels.

But years passed, he found out that he had been tricked by his own queen, and her whole behaviour turned out to have been so bad that he felt he had to carry out the law of the land, and ordered the grand-vizier to put her to death. Through his rage, he almost lost his sanity, and declared that all women in the kingdom are as cruel as his wife and that the fewer the kingdom had, the better.

So every evening, he marries a new wife and orders the grand-vizier to execute the woman at sunrise, whose duty it was to provide these unhappy brides for the Sultan. The poor man fulfilled his task with hesitancy, but there was no escape, and every day saw a girl married and a wife dead.

This caused great horror throughout the lanes of Sultan Schariar's kingdom that only the cries of sorrow would be heard. On one house, a father mourns for his daughter's death and the other, a mother worried for her daughter's horrible fate. That's why instead of praises are curses thrown behind the sultan's back. The women of his kingdom lessen until there were only a handful of them and that's where I came in.

I was She-rah-zaid no! Shear-a-said, something like that

I saw myself wandering around the dusty streets of 'Pear-shah', wearing a blue cloak that covered almost every skin except for the eyes. I felt myself moving towards several places until I stopped at a house, my who-man self's house. This whole thing is making me dizzy. The grand-vizier was actually my father to when I was a who-man.


"Yes, Scheherazade dear?" he said

"I have a favour to ask of you. Will you grant it to me?" I-er who-man Red said

"Of course dear, I have nothing to refuse from you" He replied with a warm smile

"Then listen" Who-man Red paused for a moment and cleared her throat, "I am determined to stop this
barbarous practice of the Sultan's, and to save the girls and mothers from the awful fate that hangs over them."

The grand-vizier smiled with pride and replied, "That's an excellent thing to do but how would you do it, Scheherazade?"

"Simple, father. Isn't it you that provides a maiden to be married to the king every night? Well, choose me for tonight."

The grand-vizier's expression changed in a matter of seconds. He look as if his nose were about to erupt in anger.

"Do you hear yourself, Scheherazade?! You already know what falls upon the sultan's bride!" The grand-vizier said

"Yes, father. I know it well" Who-man Red replied, "but not even a single part of me is afraid. If I fail, then I will have a glorious death, and if I succeed then I have done a great service to our kingdom."

The grand-vizier's eyes are now in the verge of crying as he walks in anticipation.

"I will never agree. I would be the one to thrust the knife into the bride's heart, under the sultan's orders. What a task for a father! If you are not afraid of death then be afraid of the grief you'd cause me, Scheherazade!"

"If I would not do this father then more women would perish-"


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