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I have a difficult week coming up *sigh*

So I finally updated again! I know I'm supposed to upload daily but i'm starting my mock exams pretty soon and i'm scared as heck, so I'm studying more than anything right now, I'm really really sorry for being the worst :(


song of chapter: I don't wanna live forever — ZAYN and Taylor Swift.



He has it

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He has it.

Zack has my journal.

My journal that has every single secret of mine inside. It has me ranting about things, it has me talking about people I don't like because of their shitty personality.

it has me talking about my parents.

This is a nightmare.

"Daisy? Daisy???" Cody's voice was calling.

"hm? what?" I looked at him, "did you ask me something?" I asked.

"Yeah, I asked what's on your mind? You've been in this 'drift off' mood since last Tuesday!" he said

it was Thursday. Zack has had my journal for 2 days, and that's about enough time for him to read all my secrets and finally have his plan to embarrass me.

"Nothing." I said, "Winter dance is tomorrow and..uh..I'm nervous I guess." I lied.

Zack can't embarrass me if I don't show up?right? "I don't think I wanna go" I said, which was also a lie, I definitely was excited for this dance.

"But you've talked non stop about it last week, and it's your last winter dance, and you have someone to go with this time!" Cody said

I sighed, "I don't want to go anymore, it's simple" I said.

Cody didn't seem to leave it there and shut up. "Daisy, what happened?" He asked.

"Nothing happened, Cody!" I exclaimed, "I'm just not going to the stupid dance and that's it. I can't even dance anyway." I said, and went up to my room.

Everything was a mess.

Zack has my journal, Hailey and I haven't talked since Monday, Katherine has been disappearing so much lately, and Kyle was always busy catching up with his studying.

Jack hasn't said a word to me since he found out Tanner and I are together, and Cody's a uni student, he really doesn't have time for my shit.

Our final was getting nearer and nearer, it was us against the bulldogs again, it was by far the most difficult game we've played.

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