Chapter Forty Five

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I woke up as I felt a hand playing with my hair. I smiled and turned the other side. I didn't feel like waking up at that time. I wanted my beauty sleep. I closed my eyes and heard a small chuckle.

"Wake up, baby!" I heard a voice saying. I didn't obey. I knew it was Malik but I was too tired to wake up.

"Baby?!" He called again. I sighed and then opened my eyes coming face to face with a shirtless Malik. I was about to freak but I remembered what happened. Oh my God! Did I seriously ask for that?!

"No regrets?!" He asked and I nodded. I smiled and hugged him. Honestly I was a shamed. I didn't know how would I look at him again in the eyes but he seemed happy and that gave me some confidence at least for now.

"Baby!" He said and warped his arms around me. I smiled and did the same putting my head on his chest.

"Yeah?!" I replied. He pulled me tighter and then said, "I love you, Brianna."

"I love you too," I said and he took that as a chance to kiss me. He kissed me on my lips none stop. I wasn't mad or anything. In fact, I was really happy.

Few minutes later, we got up and Malik prepared breakfast. I offered that I would do it. However, he wasn't taking it. He kept saying that he should because he wanted me to relax and rest. Malik was soon done and we started eating, by that time, the phone rang. Malik stood up and picked it.

I smiled at the taste of food. I was truly hungry. I sighed when I heard Malik yelling on the phone knowing that someone spoiled his mood.

"Brianna, I have to go now, don't open the door to anyone or the windows or anything," he said and I sighed and asked, "Why?! What's going on?!"

"I will tell you when I am back. Take care baby! Call me when you need anything," he said and I nodded. He kissed my lips and then went to our room. He changed quickly and then came to me again.

"Please, Brianna, stay safe and don't let anyone in. I have the keys so I won't knock just in case someone told you that they are me. I will call you every hour," he said and that was it. He kissed my lips and left. I sighed and sat down wondering about what made him like that. I was honestly sad because I didn't want this morning to go that way. It was one of the most special mornings I have ever had like I lost my virginity to the man I love the most just yesterday after he freaking proposed to me.

It was all just like a dream because a few days ago. I was just thinking about that. He was actually the best. He is giving me a chance to take more than a girlfriend role in his life. I believed that whatever made him act like that it was important but seriously! I am disappointed.

I sighed and started thinking about anything that would raise my spirits. I walked to the TV and then started watching some movie that was on. I wasn't really paying attention as Malik was always in the back of my mind. I sighed having my mood spoiled. I didn't like that I was all alone but I couldn't do anything.

After sometime, my phone started ringing. The caller was under the name Malik so I just replied with no second thought. I already missed him.

"How are you, baby?!" he asked casually, but deep down I could swear that he was nervous.

"I am OK, what about you?!" I asked and he sighed, "I am fine. So, what are you doing?!"

"Nothing! I am bored," I replied honestly.

"I am sorry for the way I acted. I wanted this morning to be special but duty calls," he said and I sighed.

"Yeah!" I replied.

Honestly, I wasn't that glad but at least he wanted it to be special, the way I did. It was the morning of the night that I trusted him enough to give him something really big.

"Baby?!" he asked as the line started to drop. I kept repeating a hello but he didn't hear me and that was how the call ended. I didn't know what was wrong. I called again and he replied. We had a small chitchat and at the end we agreed that we would have a special night if he came home before I slept. I hated that. I really wanted Malik next to me now.

We hang up and I sighed. I walked to the TV again and started going through channels. Too bad nothing actually caught my eyes. My mood was really off. I closed the TV and then went to my bed. I sat there thinking about that thing that made Malik leave. I was curious.

I sighed and then cuddled into some pillows. I felt sleep taking me away so I just sat straight. I wanted to stay up. However, the temptation of the bed was too much and I ended up drifting off. I was really lazing and I just felt tired. I sighed and then smiled as I went to dream land.

I woke up to the door opening. However, I didn't really stand up. I just waited until he came to me. I was too tired and I felt like a bear in hibernation. I smiled and then watched him as he took of his shirt and pants. He laid next to me and then pulled me close and then said, "Baby, do you want to do something or do you want to rest?!"

"Let's just cuddle. I missed you," I said and he smiled and kissed my forehead.

"I did too," he said and I smiled. I hugged him and then he said, "Is it just me or you're really not you today?!"

"Nope, just tired. Probably need some sun. I haven't been out in ages," I said and he sighed.

"Yeah, from hospital to this place," he said and I nodded.

"Take me out next Sunday!" I said and he sighed and nodded.

"How can I say no?!" he asked and I smiled.

"What was the whole thing about anyway?!" I asked.

"Nothing to worry about, baby!" he replied and I sat straight before saying, "Then tell me. I need to know what made you leave me alone today."

He sighed and then said, "I am sorry but I had to. Alex is back. She wants revenge on me for something that I don't remember. Derek escaped from the hospital. I had to track them."

At the mention of the two names, my body completely froze. I felt to arms around me calming me down. I looked at Malik and then I felt really angry. He left me when they were both out there?! Like seriously! I could have been found and taken and no one would know anything.

"You left me alone when they were out there looking for me. What would have happen if she actually found me?!" I asked getting away from him.

He sighed and then said, "You weren't alone. If you tried getting out, you would have known that five of my men were in this place with you. I would never risk you."

I calmed down and then went back to him. I apologized and hugged him again. He hugged me back and then said, "I have to go tomorrow but I promise I will try to come as early as possible."

"Okay!" I said and he smiled and kissed my forehead. I smiled and then he kissed my forehead. We cuddled together until we slept.

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