She stays glued to her spot and a shiver goes down her spine upon witnessing unconditional love in his eyes.

Staring her throughout, he says intensely,

"Keh do Naina!"

Staring him back, she moves her head into negative slowly.

He stares her in silence and slowly moves his hand towards her right arm. Slowly and with much care, he moves his hand upwards on her arm, tracing it slowly giving her chills in her body.

A moan escapes from her mouth.


She utters closing her eyes, breathing heavily. She doesn't dare to either stop him neither she moves herself. And why would she? His sweet torture is giving her sweet pleasure! This is new for her and she is feeling this for the very first time and Rajveer is aware of this very well!

"Kahogi ke nahi?"

He asks so intensely that it skips her heartbeat. First his touch and now his words are making her to go weak in her knees.


She whispers with her eyes still closed.

Smiling, he asks,

"Are you sure?"

She nods her head into affirmation.

"Well then..."

Saying so, he slowly moves his hand towards her bare waist which is due to her saree. And soon as his hands makes contact with her bare waist, she immediately opens her eyes as shivers run down her spine causing her to hold him by his shoulders in order to support herself.

Leaning in a little closer to her, he whispers,

"Abh bhi nahi kahogi?"

Lowering her eyes out of breath, she whispers,


Smirking, he begins to travel his hands on her waist, tracing it slowly.

Clutching his shoulders even tighter, she pleads,

"Rajveer please..."

But it looks like he is in no mood to listen to her pleads today. He begins to move his lips near her neck - she doesn't revolt. With his other arm, he holds her waist protectively to give her support, knowing her vulnerable condition very well!

Reaching near her neck, closing his eyes, he whispers,

"Kaho Naina jo mein sunna chahta hun"

She doesn't utter a single word neither she moves. She is not in a condition to speak right now.

Knowing she won't give up just yet, he decides to go ahead with his final move. Moving his lips near the right side of her neck, he places a slow sensual kiss there, leading her to moan out loud out of sweet pleasure!

He knows this is new for her. He knows she has gone through a very rough time and he wants to give her all the pleasure possible; whether it's physical or emotional! He is also very well aware of the fact that she doesn't mind him doing all this, in fact, she finds pleasure!

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