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3.  Stranger things
Hazel Michelson

  Stranger things Hazel Michelson

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"I'm glad to see that these aren't burnt" I laughed teasing dad about yesterday's kitchen mishap.

"If it's one thing I'm sure of is that I'm the best at making pancake" He carefully placed them on separate plates before joining me at the table.

"Your mom called earlier" He said as he poured syrup onto them. I studied his face searching for an emotion but none was present. I was surprised she called, we had no contact for her and this was the first time she made an effort to reach out to us.

"Well what did she say?" I pressed.

"Nothing, she called for you but you were sleeping so she just hung up" He spoke slowly as he began cutting the stack of pancakes in four.

Despite the lack of emotion on his face I knew he was tearing up on the inside.

"Dad, we're gonna be okay" I reached for his hand squeezing it as I assured him.

"I know sweetheart" He smiled which gave me some ease.

Now I didn't know how to feel, she completely abandoned us and now she strikes up the energy to call us she couldn't even speak to Dad. I know they sever their ties but what about his feelings and all the unhappiness she brought onto him. I'm not condemning her for being true to herself but some closure instead of writing a letter coming out of the closet wasn't the best approach. A proper closure would've pushed him a step closer to recovery. Fourteen years of marriage and twenty years of being together comes with a lot of memories that cant easily be forgotten, I just wish her approach to all of this was different.

She could've asked how I was or left some contact behind, she could've told dad how she was because despite me still feeling somewhat upset about the situation I genuinely would like to know how's she doing or if I'll ever see her again.

"Anyways, I heard about the body found at the dumpster behind my school what's up with that?" I asked to change the topic.

"I haven't gotten much details apart from their was a sign of struggle and the victim was strangled to death" He responded before taking a sip of his orange juice.

"Strangled? Who was it?"

"The body was identified as Richard Laycuver"

"As in janitor Laycuver, that literally makes no sense why would anyone want to strangle that poor old guy. He was literally one of the nicest staff members"

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