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Important Notice (Wattpad Paid Stories)

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Hello, my beloved readers!

Accused has been chosen by Wattpad HQ to be part of a new program called Wattpad Paid Stories.

What does this mean? I'm sure many of you have heard about Next Beta Program which has now come out of Beta stage. Essentially, this new program allows me to potentially earn money off my hard hours of writing. When Wattpad first approached me with this offer I was so excited. Finally, a chance to earn a little bit of revenue for my hard work.

This means you will encounter paywalls for a small monetary fee starting with Chapter 6.

This program has now exited the Beta stage as many readers have come together to support their favourite author's stories. Please remember that Wattpad will always be a free reading website with only a very tiny percentage of writers being chosen for this program. There will always be great books to read for free.

That being said, Scorned is and will remain entirely free. I made this decision because I know how much you all enjoyed the story (second draft coming soon!).

I understand that some of you will be upset by this as not everyone has the means to pay for a story. Please keep your comments polite as this is an amazing opportunity that was pushed and supported by the readers of the Wattpad community who wanted to help out their favourite authors.

I have spent a long time building up to this moment. I can safely say over a thousand hours (possibly more?) of work has gone into my writing and all of the editing behind the scenes. I am honoured to be a part of this program! It truly makes me feel special that you guys will be able to show your support in a new and wonderful way.

For the moment only people in certain countries will see a pay wall, but Wattpad plans on expanding in the future.

Please remember that all of my other books will remain utterly free and so will the most of the hundreds of millions of other Wattpad stories. There are only 53 books out of the perhaps billions of works in the program right now, so rest assured Wattpad will always be the mostly free sight we all know and love.

I will be updating Accused at the minimum of once a week and with possible extra chapters where I can fit them in with my crazy schedule. I promise I will edit all of these chapters as thoroughly as I can (if you do see a typo, please point them out!) and they will be a minimum of 1500 words each.

Wattpad has finally found a truly gratifying and supportive program to support a select few author's writing. I hope you all embrace this new change!


I know many people have questions about this program so I have compiled a question and answer section below, inspired by CrystalScherer's own FAQ about her story being involved in Wattpad Paid Stories. I hope this answers questions in more depth.

Why not just use ads between chapters?

This may come as a surprise to some of you but watching ads between chapters gives the author no guarantee of a financial return. Because of this, it makes sense that Wattpad is considering other options to support writers.

Can I enter my story into this program?

Currently, Wattpad Paid Stories is both offering the program by invitation (like I was) and accepting applications! If you would like to submit your name for consideration simply search 'Wattpad Paid Stories Applications'!

How many books on Wattpad will have paywalls?

Currently, there are only 50-60 authors enrolled in this program. While Wattpad may expand in future, there is no doubt that most stories will remain free. Remember that less than 0.001% of hundreds of millions of books on Wattpad have been offered this opportunity!

I thought Wattpad was a free reading site!?

This program is designed to give established writers a way to earn money through Wattpad, a reward for their very hard work! As I mentioned above, only a very tiny percentage of books are involved in Wattpad Next Beta. The vast majority—yes the possibly billions of books on this site—will remain eternally and blessedly free.

Think of this as a way to show authors that we appreciate all of the dedication and time they have given to this website.

I hope this has answered any questions you have about the program! Here is a link where you can find out more about the program:

Your dedicated author,

Cherry Queen

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