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Eyes slowly fluttering themselves open, the H/C-nette shivered upon the cold pale surface that she currently rested on

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Eyes slowly fluttering themselves open, the H/C-nette shivered upon the cold pale surface that she currently rested on.

Wait — pale?

Gulping, her eyes hesitantly cascaded downwards, only to see the ground much further from her than before; and with her senses fully returning to her, she could make out the sound of footsteps.

Panic instantly shot throughout the nerves of her body, causing her to instantly transform, quickly kicking the male in the gut as her hands began to glow.

"W-Who are you and what do you think you're doing?!!" She shouted, distancing herself from the now groaning blonde.

"Jeez, for such a little shit you sure know how to pack a punch.." He grumbled, dusting the dirt off his suit as a small smirk curved up to his lips.

"Nonetheless, I'm far more superior to you, little fairy." He chuckled lowly, his form instantly disappearing with a quick snap of his fingers before reappearing behind her, a pair of restraints cuffing to her wrists in the process as he leaned down to her neck, his arms wrapping around her form shortly after.

Squirming in his grip she attempted to break free from her captivity. "Release me this instant, you bastard!" She shouted frantically, her struggling voice drawing nothing but chuckles in the end.

"I wouldn't count on that, little one. Especially with that shitty mouth of yours. You should know your fucking place when speaking to me. So I'll just pretend you never pulled anything, that way I don't have to kick your ass." He mused as she attempted to pull away from him, without taking notice that her body was slowly turning once more.

There could only be two reasons. Either she had reached her limit once again, due to her power not fully returning, or these restraints were created by some special material or enchantment that canceled out magic or witchery.

And within the following seconds, her body instantly reverted back, swiftly caught by the mysterious ash blonde's hand before she could splatter against the damp grassy surface that was the ground.

A low chuckle came from the scarlet eyed male, his hues flashing in interest and amusement. "What an unfortunate predicament you're in, then again you put this shit upon yourself, pipsqueak." The vampire mused as she tried to pry herself once more from his hold, shortly deciding to give her attempts up after trying for so long.

I mean, by the looks of things, she was practically useless. Her magic was blocked from usage due to the seal stone cuffs on her wrists, and the ash blonde holding her was surely more than ten times her size, leaving her in a situation where she could no doubt die if he became careless or cocky.

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