Chapter 5-Three Witches

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I had the worst nightmare yet last night and, in order to keep my sanity, I didn't bother bringing it up to Crystal or Stella. The best thing I can do is forget about it and move on with my day.

Colin was supposed to come here and formally apologize like Stella had him convinced to, but he never showed this morning. Now, she's more agitated than when she was on the phone with him last night. I guess he isn't answering her texts either which also left a bad taste in her mouth.

After my dream last night, I couldn't help bringing my friends along with me to investigate the church. I just know something isn't right and Nick hasn't been answering any of my calls since the police riots. Witch homes are getting invaded by the police left and right.

It's been only a few days since Nick left, but it seemed like the moment he was gone everything fell apart. Could he have really been the one thing keeping his people from attacking our own? Nick already told me the police were upset with the coven, but I didn't think things would get so out of control so fast.

I know the coven killed his father too so that may have had something to do with it, but the police should have known the vile man he was.

I just have to be sure Nick isn't in on the riots.

Stella parks her car along the sidewalk outside the church Nick's father belonged to. Crystal unbuckles her seatbelt behind me and I glance back at her in the rearview mirror knowing she wasn't too keen on coming out with us to the church. If we get in trouble, the more magic we have on our side the better.

I nudge on the closed heavy wooden church doors, but they don't budge.

"Patentibus." I whisper.

My magic drifts away from my fingertips embedding itself deep in the pit of the iron lock. A sharp click resounds and Stella pushes the door. It opens and we walk inside the large dark room.

Stella marches ahead of me with a glowing orb of blue light in her outstretched hand, "Since when are churches locked up? The doors should be open, it's only three."

Crystal hovers behind me and I let go of the church door letting it close behind us.

"What kind of church is this?" Crystal asks with worry.

If I were her, I suppose I would be worried too seeing the gigantic new stained glass mural hanging from the high ceiling to the center stage of the altar. That certainly wasn't here when I was her last.

It looks like another image of a figure frighteningly similar to Mr. Silvet and a woman in a black dress with long white hair. A glowing white arch resides above their heads and the two people in the mural hold hands like lovers would. The hair on the back of my neck stands on end as I consider whether the man in the mural to really be Mr. Silvet or...

Stella shrieks loudly cutting off my thoughts, "Ew! Come look!" I rush over to her watching her pull out a long grey dried up snakeskin out from under one of the pews. Crystal gags and steps away from her gross finding.

"What if it's your familiar? What if he's town." Stella looks up at me with reproach speaking in a lower tone, "It's that officer! He has to be here!" Her eyes dart around the darkness of the room and I shine my own light orb around myself while turning in a circle hearing or seeing no one else, but the three of us.

It doesn't stop me from being spooked. The skin couldn't belong to Nick, it's too small. Still, it makes me shiver feeling like we're being watched. Any really could be easily watching us somewhere above us on the balconies high up. However, we would have seen their aura by now if that was the case.

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