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Sunny was at her breaking point. Not physically, but mentally. This time it had to do with her family. It had to do with her lazy father and one amazing sister she loved with everything she could give.

"I can't! That's not fair to Min-Ji," Sunny yelled in her room. "This is what my mom would have wanted me to do."

"You have it all wrong, Sunny!" Her father yelled from over the phone.

Sunny's father was on the phone after Sunny called him to ask about this whole situation. He told Sunny that he wasn't going to come back for Min-Ji for a while.

"Do you understand that she can't stay with me all the time?! I travel with Seventeen, I can't always bring her with me!" Sunny yelled.

Min-Ji was sitting with Vernon out in the living room. Vernon was trying to keep the little girl occupied so she didn't have to hear the screams from her sister, Sunny.

"I'm sure you can find a place to put her while you are traveling!" Her father responded.


"You can find something to do." Her father said, lowering his voice.

"You know what. I will find something to do." Sunny said hanging up the phone, anger was obvious in her voice.

"What's wrong?" Min-Ji asked as Sunny plopped onto the couch.

"Nothing much, Gia." Sunny said as she smiled for the little girl, not wanting her little sister to worry.

Min-Ji ended up running off after being in the silence of the room. Sunny looked over at Vernon with a worried look visible on her face.

"How did it go?" Vernon asked, the answer was obvious after hearing the screaming from Sunny.

"Not well. My dad doesn't want to come get her. He does this all the time." Sunny let out a sigh.

"What do you mean he does what all the time?" Vernon asked a bit confused of what Sunny was speaking of.

Sunny sat up, placing her elbows on her legs and her head was resting in her hands. She had to think about it for a while, how many times her father did this to her and her sister.

About a thousand times. He left after their mother had passed away, leaving a fourteen year old Sunny to care of herself as well as her baby sister for a month. They had no idea where he went that time. Luckily, Sunny had started to work at fourteen years old, she had enough money to keep them well fed.

The second time happened to Min-Ji. Sunny had been in South Korea for two years, meaning Min-Ji would have only been four years old. Being away from her baby sister was hard, but when she got a call from her aunt on her fathers side, Sunny was furious. Her father left Min-Ji waiting outside in her aunts porch until she got home.

Now it was this time. Where her father flew with Min-Ji down to Korea and then left her with Sunny for who knows how long.

"Well, What are you going to do about this?" Vernon asked.

"I know what I'm going to do. I'm taking guardianship of my little sister." Sunny said so easily as if the words just slipped out.

Vernon was surprised at her words and confused at the same time. He supported the plan Sunny had. Of course it wasn't safe for Min-Ji to be living with her father.

"What about the living situation?" Vernon added.

"Well, my grandmother already watches her whenever she visits. I would have to ask if
Min-Ji could... live there when we are traveling. She would stay with my grandmother while I try and gain guardianship." Sunny explained, planning it all in her head.

"And if you get guardianship of her...?" Vernon went on.

"She would come over here most of the time. Times that we need to practice late, travel, or have concerts, she would stay with my grandmother." Sunny explained more and more of her plan.

Sunny didn't know exactly how this was all going to work, but she knew that she needed the boys to back her up on this when she went to court to file for custody.

Sunny couldn't bare the thought of having her little sister continuing to live with their father who always disappeared in the night, leaving them alone for god knows how long.

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