Four| Chapter Four

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Damion's POV

After breakfast I lead Victoria out of the house and to the car. She quickly thanked me as I held the door open for her, like my mom always told me to. Leaving Victoria home all alone wasn't an option for me, I just had this strong feeling to keep her close and safe. Even if that meant taking her to work. I plan on having my men start guarding our home by tomorrow, that way I won't have to drag Victoria everywhere I go.

"So, How old are you?" Victoria's question was random, but it didn't take me by surprise. She did only meet my two days ago. Which makes me question myself now that I think about it.

Why did I worry so much about her safety?

"Twenty-three." I answer her, glancing to see if she had any reaction. She only nodded her head in understanding, thinking about what she was about to respond with.

"You're old." She bluntly says, making me laugh.

"I'm only three years older than you." I remind her, noticing the teasing smirk on her face.

"That means you were a senior when I was only a freshman. Borderline sex offender."

"Okay, well it sounds creepy when you put it like that." I say, rolling my eyes at how childish she was. One of the things I liked about her, she got me out of my hard and cold facade. I can relax and be goofy around her without a second thought.

"What's your favorite food?" At least she's trying to get to know me.

"Enchiladas. Mhmmm, they are so bomb." I hum, grinning back at her. She laughs, nodding her head. "What about you? What's your favorite food?"

"I don't know. There are a lot of foods I like." Now I know she knows how to eat. "Tostadas are really yummy."

Note to self: Favorite food- Tostadas.

We went back and forth asking each other questions. I learned she's always wanted a puppy but her father always said no. She loves to do nails and wants to open her own salon one day. She was going to be named Isabell until her parents changed their mind last minute. And her favorite color is blue.

As she was about to get out, I slammed her door shut and opened it myself. She narrowed her eyes at me, taking my hand anyways as she gets out. "I'll open your door from now on." I tell her, holding her hand in mine firmly as we walk inside one of my many warehouses. We move every week to a different location, just incase the cops ever get suspicious or close. As we entered and passed a few of my security guards, I could hear one of my best friends ordering people around. He helps me with a lot of things, but I think the power gets to him sometimes. In a funny way though.

He was yelling at some dude to hurry up and pick up all the papers he dropped, while his lazy ass sat at his desk. Feet propped up on top. "Tony, shouldn't you do something productive instead of yelling all day?" I smirk, amused by how he almost fell out of his chair at the sound of my voice.

"I am doing something productive. What have you been doing?" He challenges, backing down once I sent him a glare. "Just joking man." He chuckles, raising his hands up defensively.

"Sure you were." I say, rolling my eyes playfully. Tony stands up on to his feet, making his way over to us. Victoria's eyes weren't focused on Tony, but all the men running around and working.

"Who's this pretty lady?" Tony asks, grinning as he takes Victoria's free hand and kisses it. I growl, snatching Victoria's hand away from him by the wrist. She giggles, taking joy in my anger.

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