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5th grade years he wasn't rich, talented, ugly, and famous. he was just talented and ugly and life of the party was my national anthem. but i never really listened to him until emma got "married" to him. it was like best friend unspoken rule i had to at least be able to recognize his songs and sing along to the chorus.

shawn mendes is talented. there's nothing wrong with his music. however, his songs weren't over the top special.

before emma even began packing up i was the first to know she was moving. or so she says. but anyway she didn't straight out say "sup bxtch i'm moving." or "sis i got some tea. i'm moving." she sent me a video link to never be alone.

i didn't know this song word for word at the time. so i clicked on it. i just listened to the first lyrics "i promise that one day i'll be around..." immediately i texted her back YOU'RE MOVING!?!? she took too long to reply so i face timed her. she was outside (which is so unlike her so i knew right away something was wrong). and we both were silent just staring at each other. like that's awkward now to think about, but then ever so slightly she nodded her head. i remember i put down my phone, bit my lip, then asked "why?"

after the phone call i listened to never be alone. it became a part of my routine that every time i saw emma the next few months that song ran through my mind. one day i watched a video of us singing that song at midnight on new years because i was making her a video complication.

i freakin' lost it. we never decided that we would have a "best friend song" but if we did that would be at least one of the running up songs. there are so many emotions that go with that song. emma you would laugh at me right now. i'm so soft 😂

anyway today in science i took one of mallory's airpods and listened to her de-stress playlist with her. never be alone came on and immediately and unconsciously i blocked the whole world out. i don't remember what happened in those 3 minutes and 36 seconds. but all i saw was like an entire movie of my life with emma. like that's so cheesy and gross, but i was laughing and crying in my head the whole time. i saw us doing that slip and slide with her brother and dante. i saw us baking cupcakes and screaming to there's nothing holdin me back. i saw us singing the song at midnight. i watched as we took shots to air before just saying "screw it" and chugging it.

a lot of my best memories have emma and shawn mendes. she's gorgeous and he's ugly. but together they tie up my entire middle school and probably will affect me for eternity.

thank you shawn and your not so special special songs. you've made my human heart so soft. and you're the reason at one point before my phone got wiped i had a playlist that was called "emma mendes". and mallory thank you for trusting me with your babies. they make science and working out so much more enjoyable.

((btw emma i need to make a new playlist so send me some good tunes...also listen to be alright by dean lewis. it's not a spectacular song, but it's one of those songs you don't think is catchy until three weeks later you're singing it in the car while your mom grocery shops))

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