Laurloch but it is more gayer cuz of thots aka Ham n Andre boi

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So i was jus passing my recently uploaded chappies, and i came a ross of a comment who said they would like a part two of Laurloch.

Honestly, Laurloch chappie is rlly great, it was fun writing it :>

N i was supposed to be asleep but not y e t

Its 2:43.

Kk enjoy


John didnt think.

John just reacted.

It has been four moons ever since the incident of Frances had happen.

And oh God, how his heart ached.

He couldn't talk, couldn't think.

Depression slowly swallowed him whole as all he could was to re-main silent.

But after few weeks of endlessly crying, he back on his feet.

After James Reynolds had went up straight to the North, he had been on the watch.

But he didn't join.

He just shook his head no, too much pain, and he just waited for any time when he would start crying again.

But now....this has to be a joke.

There was a man, no, two men in HIS chambers.

Where him and Frances had fucked.

Well they could not know, could they?

But John wasn't sure of what.

The short, chubber one had long dark hair, brown eyes while the taller one had curly peach brown hair and blue iris eyes.

There were few giggels.

John was watching them.

God, what do they want?

He glanced at the notebook, which James gave him.

"So you are Reynolds little whorish assistant?" The taller one remarked, his tone raspy but high.

He let go of the insult.

"You arent supposed to be here." He answered them plainly.

The shorter one winked at him.

John just glared, didnt blushed.


"Who are you and what do you want from me?" John sighed, scoffed and stick out butt, folding hands.

The taller one smirked.

"Im John Andre, son's of the Harpy" Andre smirked as he saw when John tensed up.

Without thinking, John ran for blade, but oh.

The shorter man tackeld him.

"Pleasedontkillmepleasedontkillme..." John was a crying mess, was mumbling and mumbling.

Poor thing.

"Shhhh relax, we are not here to murder ya,,," The shorter one told him calmly.

"Alexander, let him go..." Andre said, almost warningly.

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