Adrien's Jealous pt.3

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"Hey Adrien."

"Hey Nino." Adrien took his seat as his usual place, beside Nino. Looking up, he saw Marinette and Alya walk inside the room, and his heart suddenly did a summersault.

"Hey Adrien. Nino." Alya walked up to the seat right behind them, Marinette following.

Weird, why did my heart start beating so fast when I saw Marinette? Could it be...?

When he turned around, he gritted his teeth, seeing Nathaniel talking to him. He tried not to show he was annoyed by the tomato head boy, but everyone could practically see it on his face.

"Ooo, someone is jealous," Nino cooed and started to laugh. Adrien just huffed and looked back to the front.

"Sure," Was Marinette's last words before Nathaniel went back to his seat. He was finally glad to see that boy away from Marinette.

"Adrien, are you okay?" Marinette could see Adrien's face, how it was shaped like. "Do you hate Nathaniel?"

She said it in a whisper so no one else could hear. She was right anyway. He did hate Nathaniel.

Adrien didn't answer the question as he turned back to the front. Nino slapped his shoulder to make his friend look at him.

"Why do you hate Nathaniel?"

"Do I really have to answer that question?!" Adrien grumbled. "He's always getting so close to Marinette!"

"Oh, but that's not a proper reason to hate Nathaniel," Nino said. "I mean, why does it matter if Nathaniel likes Marinette? Except if it was that you're jealous, but you told me you weren't, so I'm gonna respect that. But you need a proper reason to hate Nathaniel."

"That is a proper reason!"

"No, it's not! Leave Nathaniel and Marinette alone if you don't have any feelings for Marinette. Hating him just because he gets close to Marinette is just stupid!"

Adrien thought about it, then he looked down, still deep in thought.

Nino is right. I am jealous.


"Hey Mari-"

"Excuse me."

Adrien moved out of the way, seeing that it was Nathaniel. Why had this boy come to interrupt him with Marinette?


"I need to talk to Marinette," Nathaniel spoke. "We're working on some project from a class that you're not in. Why do you care?"

"I was going to talk to Marinette."

"About what?!"

"Why do you need to know?!" Adrien folded his arms in annoyance. "It's bone of your business!"

"Whatever." Nathaniel huffed. Marinette then walked up to them.

"Hey, Nathaniel. Adrien." She have a wave at each boys before she turned to Nathaniel. "So about that project."

Adrien gulped, seeing the smirk Nathaniel had gave him. That smirk told Adrien stuff he didn't want to know.

Ha! Marinette chose me over you!

"Hey Marinette," Adrien decided not to give up and tapped on her shoulder. Marinette looked back at him.


"Uh... When you're finished with whatever you're doing with Nath, then can you come over to my place?"

"Gee Adrien," Nathaniel came up, showing his head. "Marinette would probably love to, but we'll be working for the whole day."

"Come on, the work is not that important, is it?" Adrien frowned. He already knew what Nath was trying to do, but he decided not to show his annoyance in front of Marinette.

"Well, it is, sorta," Marinette shrugged. "But we won't be working the whole day. Of course I'd like to come over, Adrien."

"Great." Now Adrien flashed his own smirk as he walked away, being Nathaniel's turn to he annoyed.

Nino was right. I was jealous the whole time, but now not any more. Marinette doesn't obviously like Nathaniel. Nathaniel is trying way too hard.

But I also have to not make a fool out of myself. I need to make sure Marinette actually likes me, before I confess to her.

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