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As Vanya started to pot, she began to ask questions about our time there, how we lived, how we survived.

"We survived on scraps. Canned food, cockroaches, anything we could find" I began, remembering the 'meals' we had to endure.

"You know that rumor that Twinkies have an endless shelf life? Well, it's total bullshit." Five added, thinking back to that useless box of expired Twinkies we had found.

"I can't even imagine," Vanya said in disbelief, listing to our story.

"We did whatever it took to survive, or we die, "Five said with his cup of coffee in his hands.

"So we adapted," I said as I leaned down into the couch a bit more, getting comfortable. "Whatever the world threw at us, we found a way to overcome it," I said with my eyes on Five. He looked at me giving me a sad smile. I could feel tears threating to spill, just thinking about all those years we spent it alone.

"Got anything stronger?" Five asked, motioning to his cup of coffee. Vanya nodded her head before getting up and bringing back a bottle of tequila that's never been opened. Still even had the bow on it. She handed us both a cup of it and watched as we drank it. The burning feeling going down my neck. We put the cup down and look back at Vanya.

"You think im crazy" Five said studying her face more. I lazily turned my head to look at her, she still looks confused.

"No. It's just...it's a lot to take in." She confessed.

"Exactly what don't you understand?" I asked getting up from the couch and walking over to where she and Five were standing.

"Why didn't you just time travel back?" She asked. Five scoffed and walked back to where the bottle was, ready to pour himself another drink.

"Gee, wish I'd thought of that," I said sarcastically while taking another sip of my drink. "Time travel is a crapshoot. We went into the ice and never acorn-ed. You think we didn't try everything to get back to our family?" I asked her putting my glass down and crossing my arms.

She nodded her head, understanding that part. "If you guys grew old there, you know, in the apocalypse, how come you  guys still look like kids?" She asked another question.

"we told you already, I must have got the equations wrong," Five said behind us, not giving me a chance to explain again.

"I mean, Dad always used to say that...time travel could mess up your mind. Well, maybe that's what's happing" She asked. My head quickly tilting to the side, trying to understand what SHE just said.

"Are you calling us crazy?" I said raising my eyebrow, trying not to go off on her.

"This was a mistake, you're too young.." Five said turning around ready to leave, with me right behind him.

We are trying to explain, trying to warn her but all she does is call us crazy. What I saw was real, what I felt and went through was real, and she's not going to stand there and call me crazy and a liar.

"Too naive to understand" I fished Five sentences.

"No, please, wait," Vanya said reaching to grab my arm pulling me back. I pause and look at her. Five not even bothering to turn around.

"I haven't seen you two in a long time, and I don't want to lose you guys again," Vanya begged. I looked down at her hand still holding mine. "That's all," She said, pleading with her eyes. "And you know what, it's getting late, and I have lessons early, and I need to sleep, and I'm sure you do too. Here.." She said moving away from us and towards the living room. She began to take out some blankets and putting them on the couch.

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