Three| Chapter Three

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"Victoria. Wake up." Obviously Damion didn't know that you should never wake a girl from her beauty sleep.

"Five more minutes." I whine, folding in to a tighter ball, my hands wrapped around a fluffy pillow. He chuckles, shaking my body a bit more.

"Come on. We have things to do." He tells me, pulling the blanket off of me. I cry, opening my eyes as I try to glare at Damion. But he just stood there;

"But I'm cooollddd, Damion." I whine childishly, holding my hands out for the blanket in his arms. I don't remember falling asleep in the bedroom, so Damion had to have carried me here.

God, I hope I wasn't too heavy.

"Sorry, But today is a busy day." He tuts, picking me up as if I was weightless and placing me on my cold feet.

Damn, boy got some muscles.

Damion looks sexy as hell with his tuxedos, but he looks even better shirtless with bed hair. "Go, get your pretty ass in the shower while I make breakfast." He orders, pushing me towards the bathroom and tapping my ass firmly.

"Damion." I gasp, narrowing my eyes at him as a warning. He smirks, pushing me into the bathroom. Sighing, I turn around and turn the shower on. Now that I'm awake-thanks to Damion- I finally realized how real this felt. I'm getting married soon. To a somewhat decent man, but still. This was wrong yet it wasn't as bed as I imagined yesterday.

As I stood in this amazing shower, I looked down at the gorgeous ring on my finger. Damion was sweet to buy me it, even if he and I don't struggle with money at all, it was still sweet. When I exited the steamy shower, I was surprised to see Damion brushing his teeth in front of the mirror. "Damion! Get out, I'm naked!" I scream, quickly wrapping a towel around my wet body.

Damion spits into the sink, turning around to smirk at me. "I was going to see it eventually." He shrugs, turning back around to finish up what he was doing. A loud growl came out of me as I frustratedly walked out of the bathroom in a hurry and went to my closet. As I changed, I told myself I'll have to ask Damion where all his clothes are. Today I wanted to dress up a bit more. So I picked out a cute olive green dress that went a bit below my knees with a jean jacket to keep me a bit more warm just in case. For shoes, I strapped on some white heels.

My hair was still wet even after I tried to towel dry it

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My hair was still wet even after I tried to towel dry it. So I had to walk back out the closet to find Damion checking himself out in the large mirror in the corner.

I hate that we're so alike. Cocky.

"Damion, where are your clothes?" I asked before I forgot, not stopping until I entered the echoey bathroom. He could still hear me since the door was open anyways.

"I have my own closet." He tells me, walking into the bathroom to watch me blow-dry my hair. The fact that he looks so good just doing nothing annoyed me so much.

"Where?" He points behind him, to the door beside my closet.


"Oh, well. Where are we going?" I ask as I put the blow dryer down and start curling my hair, parting it to the side.

"I have to check up on some deliveries before I ship them out. And after that, my friend invited us to eat dinner at their house." I furrow my eyebrows, facing him as I hold the wand to my hair.

"What time is it?"

"Ten AM." He answers, glancing up from his expensive watch.

"Why am I going with you then if dinner isn't until later in the day." I was annoyed because I wanted to sleep in, but I guess not. I have to work tomorrow anyway, so I wanted some time to myself today.

"Because I said so. And I don't have anyone to watch you." I glare at him, placing my hands on my hips sassily.

"I don't need a babysitter, Damion. I'm twenty years old, ya know." I remind him, not missing how his eyes were roaming my body hungrily.

"You're hot when you have an attitude." He smirks, licking his lips as he makes his way over to me. I roll my eyes, crossing my arms with frustration. "I know you don't need a babysitter, but I can't focus knowing that no one would be here to help you if anything happened while I'm gone." He says, softening just barely. I huff, roll my eyes and turning back around to do my hair.

"Fine, I'll go. But promise me one thing." I finally say.

"Anything." He quickly responds.

"You have to buy me some ice-cream from Baskin Robins later," I tell him, trying to hold back a laugh as he narrows his eyes at me playfully.

"Of course, anything for the princess." He jokes, bowing down to me. I laugh, pulling him back up so I can look into his eyes. I smirk, trailing my manicured finger lightly across his lips.

"Oh honey, I'm the damn queen around here."


Short chapter because I want to finish off this 'day' from Damion's POV. :D

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