How is he here?

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‘’We all knew his as Archie or as Jiminy. But we all knew him as a true friend. Though he way not be gone but he will always live inside of us. reminding him to be our best self's. To do the right thing, to always fight for what we believe in. So we shouldn’t think of today as goodbye. Just as a way of saying Archie will be listing.’’Snow said, her speech was making me cry. I wiped a tear from my face and I hugged Ruby.

Ruby, Belle and I sat in granny's drinking coffee. Ruby already was friends with Belle and now I was. We had gotten to know each other and she was very sweet. I could tell that we were going to be good friends. She was dating Rumple which was cute. I ship it. Belle got a call from rumple saying to come to his shop. She left us and Ruby and I stayed and talked. I left to go home and I saw Belle and she came up to me
‘’You work at granny's right?’’she asked, i nodded.
‘’Yeah I did. I quit the other day.  Waitress is not my thing’’I said, laughing slightly.
‘’I need some help at the library. It's opening soon and I don’t have anyone to help me with it. Would you take a job?’’
I smiled and nodded’’Sure, I love books.’’
‘’Great. Lets go to the library’’she said smiling and we walked over to the library. She unlocked the door and we walked inside.
‘’The job doesn't pay much’’she said turning back to look at me.
‘’That’s alright. It doesn't matter to me’’I said
We went to sit at a table, I set my purse down. And I saw Hook reading a book. No, no, no. How is he here?
‘’I'm sorry the library is not open yet’’Belle said
‘’Oh i'm not here for the books, love’’Hook said putting the book back onto the shelve.
‘’Belle, stand back’’I said, pulling her arm and making her stand next to me.
‘’Don’t be shy, Rose’’he said smirking at me.
The way that he was looking at Belle, like he was going to kill her. It scared me. I have never seen it before from him.
‘’You. Your the one who broke into my cell at the queens palace’’Belle said, the queen's palace?
We both took off running but it was no use. He was in front of us. A cart with books was the only thing between us. I knew he wouldn’t hurt me but I wasn’t going to let him hurt Belle. He wanted to hurt rumple, All for this stupid revenge plan.
‘’You wanted to kill Rumpelstiltskin’’Belle said
‘’I still do, right now I will settle with you’’
‘’No you wont, Hook.’’I said glaring at him.
Belle took the cart and pushed it onto of Hook. Belle took my hand and lead me to an old elevator. Well at least it will hold him off. She got to door opened and we ran inside. Hook ran over to it but the door closed before he could get inside. He banged on the door.
‘’Tts going to be okay. I wont let him hurt you’’I said assuring her. She nodded and took the phone out and pressed the buttons calling someone. Most likely Rumpelstiltskin. Hook continued to bang on the door, the elevator shook a little.
‘’Rumple, me and Elizabeth are in the elevator, there's a man he broke in he wants to kill us… pirate…hes missing an hand,…hello?’’
She took the phone from her ear
‘’it isn't working’’Belle explained as she put it in her pocket.
I signed and ran my fingers threw my hair. I checked for my phone which was in my purse, at the table. Seriously?
‘’Do you know him?’’Belle asked
‘’Yeah, we used to be together’’I said. He was still banging on the door
‘’Why would you be with him?’’
‘’Well, it was never actually official. I kind of loved another guy. Its complicated. I will tell you some other time when he isn’t trying to kill you’’
‘’Why is he even trying to kill me?Because of Rumple?’’she asked
‘’He wants revenge because of his past with Rumple, I will let him tell you about it. I don’t even know a lot, just what Hook told me’’I said
She took my hand and gripped it.
‘’It's going to be alright Belle.’’I said to her trying to calm her down. She was scared to death. I was scared a little too. Then suddelnly the banging stopped. and the doors opened to revel Rumple.
‘’Belle, Elizabeth’’gold said and Belle ran over to him and hugged him. I walked out and past them. I looked around for Hook but he wasn't here.
‘’Its okay.’’he said
‘’Thank you’’I said giving him a smile. I walked over and grabbed my bag.
‘’Where is he?’’Belle asked
‘’I don’t know. But you have nothing to dear. I'm here now’’he said
‘’It was Hook’’I said. Rumple let go of Belle and looked at my wide eyed.
‘’Your sure’’
I nodded’’yes. I know him very well.’’
Belle gave me a soft smile and I returned it. I walked out, leaving them.
So if Hook's back that means Cora's back right? Fear came to me. What am I going to tell Emma and Snow? Oh yeah, Hook and maybe Cora are in Storybrooke, even though we tried eveything to make sure they didnt get over here, suprise! We were already dealing with enough from Archie's death and now this. I felt a hand on my arm and someone pulled me into a ally. I looked at my attacker ready to strick when I saw Hook. I slapped him across the face. He held his hand to his cheek.
‘’No need for violence, love’’Hook said he looked at me in the eyes. His eyes sparkled, the same beautiful color but darker. He looked at me up and down.
‘’This world suits you well’’he said. I scoffed, rolling my eyes.
‘’You didn’t have to go after Belle like that! She had done nothing to you’’I said glaring at him.
‘’She has something to do with Rumpelstiltskin. She is his weakness and I need to destroy him’’Hook said
‘’No, you don’t need to Hook, you want to’’
Hook pushed my against the wall. ‘’I don’t like it when you call me Hook. You know that’’he said calmly
‘’Well you are living up to your nickname. Its suits you’’I said glaring at, him imitating him.  I got out of his grasp and started walking away when he grabbed my arm making me turn back to him.
‘’Don’t tell them that I am here’’he said. I rolled my eyes.
‘’Why shouldn’t i?’’I asked crossing my arms.
‘’I wont kill you but Cora will and I don’t want to see that happen;. Just don’t mention it alright. Will you do that for me?’’
He eyes softened and I sighed
'’I have to’’ i said
‘’Sorry, Rose’’he said and threw dust in my face and then everything went dark.

Update! Okay you guys want to know the little surprise that i was talking about in the last update? So i was thinking of doing a story that has Peter and Rose's life before Dark Horse. Like how she got to Neverland and how they ended up together and basically her time on Neverland.  Would you guys like that? I was thinking of posting it after i do season 2, but if you guys like the idea i will do it sooner. Tell me your thoughts in the comments!

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