Chapter 1 - "After seven years."

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(IF YOU READ THE FIRST CHAPTER, MAKE SURE YOU READ IT AGAIN. THERE ARE A LOT OF CHANGES!) [Welcome to my new story 'Falling for you'! I am so excited to share all the ideas I have for this story! Disclaimer! This story contains self-harm, inappropriate language, sexual content, harm, suicidal and traumatic events. If you can't or do not want to read stuff like this, I highly recommend you to not read this story! Make sure to let me know what you think of the story and vote!]



I let out a deep breath when I felt the airplane flying down. I closed my eyes and felt the butterflies in my belly. It wasn't because I felt amused by this feeling but terrified. I had to stop myself from thinking negative and focused on beautiful thoughts such as annoying my adoptive brother Dylan. When I felt that the airplane was on the ground, I opened my eyes and saw my brother sitting next to me. He gave me a small smile.

"See, I told you Mai. You will survive a normal airplane flight." He taunt me and I rolled my eyes. He laughed softly and ensured that he was packing all of his stuff. Dylan and I were not blood related. When my mother gave birth, she and my father alongside with my older brother disappeared and where never found again. Both my parents were famous for their acting skills and due to the fame they had the whole media industry went upside down when they went missing after my birth. They had searched for them for years and still are searching but after eighteen years they are still not found. The media always came up with ridiculous theories which were not true.

From a very young age I was already known as the girl who had famous missing parents. I used to receive as a child a lot of negativity from the media and never really considered how I was feeling or thinking. They came up with theories that my parents had died and had a nerve to ask a child how she was thinking about it. I was just a child. I had no idea what was going on and what had happened. Ethan, Dylan's father has always tried to keep me away from the media and home schooled me after journalists decided to gather up at my primary school. I never had really friends until when I was eleven and went to America for a modelling job.

I had met Lisa who is from Germany at the Rosende modelling company in Las Vegas. We shared a room together where we should get ready. Lisa needed a make-up brush to get her make-up done but she forgot hers back home which caused her to cry. When I offered her my make-up brush we became best friends ever since. However, we haven't seen each other since that modelling show as the both of us had different modelling jobs to do in different countries. Now after seven years we were finally meeting again and living together.

It was hard to convince Ethan to let me go to America alone. He had forbidden me from leaving England and wanted me to stay near to him. After begging him for months he allowed me to move to America due to one circumstance. I had to take my brother Dylan with me and he had to live with us. That was just one way for me to leave England. To leave everything I had always hated. The house I lived in and the country itself just reminded me of my parents that I had never met. What the most heart breaking was, was that they did love me... They were gone... Something had happened to them and until this day no one exactly knows what happened to them. I just wanted closure so I could move on... This massive black hole inside my heart would never close until I knew what had happened to them and I might live like this for the rest of my life...

Ethan was known as Ethan Smith and was a doctor who was present when my mother was giving birth to me. He was the last one to ever see my family again. A lot of people, including the police found it suspicious and did an investigation on him to find out what was really going on but they did not find nothing on him. Ethan was not the one they were suppose to look for. As a baby he took me in and cared for me. He was aware who I was... He knew I was Maira Sherwood, daughter of Alfred Sherwood and Maya Sherwood. He knew he would get a lot of attention in media and money by just taking care for the only Sherwood child.

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