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"You must know your way around the city?" Five asked noticing he was a tough truck driver. Five continued to ask him questions, trying to find his way back to Dolores. I honestly could care less about her. She was annoying and only took his attention away from me. I sat there enjoying my coffee until the man said he had to go. Excusing himself and leaving Five and I alone.

"Do we really have to go get her?" I asked annoyed as I looked at my coffee.

"Yes." Firmly, not giving me another option. I rolled my eyes continued to look at my coffee before the ding inside the dine went off. I looked at the bell that sat in front of me and him and used its reflection to notice the armed men now in the restaurant. I stayed still counting each man in the room.

5 heavy-armed men.

They stood around us pointing they're weapons to our heads.

"I thought we'd have more time before you guys found us" Five spoke up not bothering to turn around.

"Okay," One of the men said who had his gun pointing at Five. "So let's all be professional about this, yeah? On your feet and come with us. They want to talk to both of you."

"We got nothing to say," I answered for the both of us before taking a sip of my warm coffee.

"It doesn't have to go this way. Do you think I want to shoot two kids? Go home with that on my conscience?" He asked from behind us. I looked over at Five who was also looking at me now.

"Well, I wouldn't worry about that." Five said to the man. I could see him thinking, his gears turning, trying to find the best possible outcome for this mess we are in. His eyes scanning over the counter before he sees the knife. I on the other hand already have my fork clenched in my hand firmly.

"You won't be going home, sweetheart," I said while turning around and giving the man a smile and batting my eyes. The man stares intently waiting for my next move.

Five jumped behind him and stabs him in the neck with the butter knife that was next to him. The soldier screams in pain subconsciously pulling the trigger and injuring one of his own men. Before any bullet could hit me I jump across the room behind one of the soldiers who is still standing.

"Hey, assholes!" Five yelled as he sat on a table calling their attention, unaware of the fact that I was right behind one of them.

They begin to fire just as Five disappears once again. I quickly push my hand through the middle of his back locating his beating heart. I wrap my fingers around it and squeeze lightly feeling the still beating heart against my skin. I can feel the pulse begins to quicken as the soldiers realize what is happing. The man freezes in pain causing me to let out a small smirk.

Completely helpless.

Without any hesitation, I pull his heart out with my left hand. I then use my other hand that has the fork still tightly wrapped around my fingers and push it through his eyes, making sure he stays dead. His body drops with a thud and I quickly jump to the other side of the diner going unnoticed. From behind a couple of chairs, I see Five standing right outside the doors as he taps on the glass lightly causing the 3 remaining soldiers to once again turn around and begging to fire their weapons. Only to miss, of course. They stop shooting and look around them, finally chatching on to our powers. They look around thrugh theyre scoops waititng for anything. I look around for anything I could use as a weapon before I look down at my uniform.


I quickly losses it and jump behind one of the soldiers. I see Five take a mop and stab one of them, giving me the chance to catch one of them off guard. I quickly throw the tie around him bring him down with me as I jump off the table with force. From the corner of my eye, I see one of the men approach me trying to stop me. I wrap the tie around my arm and pull as hard as this body can let me, making the man squirm at the lack of oxygen. Before his buddy can even raise his gun at me to shot Five appears and stabs him in the nuts macking hunched over in pain and then turning around and throwing a plat that was nearby at another soldier from across the room. After a few seconds of pulling on the tie, the man finally stops moving to let me know he's dead. From the corner of my eye, I see Five stabs the same dude who had the busted balls now in the eye.

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