10. rendezvous

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[ 10. rendezvous ]

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It's been almost a full month since the Kims have settled in town, and at least a couple weeks since Taehyung has been sneaking off to see Jeon Jeongguk.

New York is quite different from Tennessee, the entire dynamic shifting dramatically the moment he arrived. Everywhere he goes, the nostalgia of billboards and buildings that practically kissed the sky follow him, the scenery he is now faced with every morning being endless forests and land that stretched for miles with small buildings. There's no more shopping trips or mall adventures, no more fucking around the streets, and of course no more New York friendships that he had to cut off upon moving here.

Taehyung had thought it would be hell.

Leaving behind his identity in the city for a conservative, religious lifestyle he had first believed it to be some sort of punishment for being gay. The idea of Tennessee and starting fresh didn't sit so well in the beginning. All that he has built for himself in New York will soon be forgotten and the friendships he has deeply cherished being forced to an end. His sickness, or well, his mother had put it, will be cured in the form of weekly therapy sessions with ex-gay counselors.

To be honest, he hasn't felt so fucking scared for such a big change in his life, and he guesses when he met Jeon Jeongguk the pain eased a little bit.

Jeon Jeongguk is something. Yes, that's right. Exquisite. Extraordinary. Brilliant. All of those things define Jeon Jeongguk, and perhaps a bit too obedient can describe the doe-eyed boy. He hasn't met someone devoted to words written by man, someone who believes sin can destroy your life, and someone who hasn't dared to sin in the whole sixteen years he has been alive.

Well fuck that. He's sinning now.

Taehyung isn't lying when he said he felt some sort of attraction towards the boy. Those round doe eyes, his small, pink and natural pouty lips, tiny waist, and a pretty accent he can listen to for hours. Whenever he kisses Jeongguk it ignites the flame of rebellion in him, perhaps also melting him until he can't think. And God, having Jeon Jeongguk's cock in his mouth is something too; ever since that day the boy's been letting him suck him off more often and it's so fucking addicting.

He also can't get enough of Jeon Jeongguk, and that's a fact. They have been spending more time together, getting to know each other, and even sneaking in forbidden touches in between. From the time they have spent at the gazebo at night, Taehyung knows Jeongguk loves the color yellow, adores old hollywood films, likes his cookies soft, hates football, and other little details that has some sort of relevance in their nightly conversations.

Plus the gazebo is their special place - a place where society can't judge them, where they can be free, where they can kiss each other and touch each other without guilt. It's a safehaven, and their spot. Every night he sneaks out to see Jeongguk, and lately he has made it a routine to flash his flashlight in Jeongguk's bedroom window and taking the boy's hand in his own before running into the brush.

It's those nights where Taehyung finds himself completely free, mystified by the loveliness of Jeon Jeongguk, and rebelling against society's norms - like tonight, for example.

"Tae!" Jeongguk squeals, the boy trying his best to fight out of Taehyung's grip on his sides, tickling him evilly.

"Doll, be honest," Taehyung laughs heartily, the duo tumbling onto the plush grass. It ends up with Jeongguk on top of Taehyung, the younger smirking devishly as he gains the upperhand. He digs his fingers into the older's sides, tickling Taehyung for much needed payback.

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