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It was already Saturday. Lexi was already in the kitchen eating breakfast while listening to some music. Becca had not yet gotten up. Since most of the time Lexi used to get up first, her friend was a complete sleeper. When Lexi was almost finished having breakfast, her friend appeared as if asleep. He began to prepare breakfast while Lexi asked him how he had slept, to which he replied that he had not had a good night. I had been having nightmares continuously. Talking together, while Becca had breakfast, she asked Lexi if she wanted to have dinner with Michael, to which she obviously answered yes. After a long time they did not talk and they spent time together. No matter what happened, I was always going to love him. Becca laughed at Lexi's face as she said those words. It was clear that he loved him more than he thought. He did not hesitate to encourage him with dinner. She knew how Michael was with Lexi, he was always attentive and thoughtful whether it was being together or just being friends. She thought he was a good boy for her friend. The moment of the dinner had arrived. Michael was preparing to go and find Lexi at his house. I was quite nervous, I wanted so much to see Lexi and spend time with her ... I had been away from her for a long time. Sincerely, Michael could be hugging Lexi all night, just hugging? Of course not, something that missed her too much was her lips ... Lexi was ready for her "date" with Michael. He was about to arrive. She was also nervous to see Michael, to be with him alone, it was something that did not happen in a long time. Becca kept encouraging her friend, while peppering him with Michael. They rang the bell, Michael had arrived. He wished him luck and went down to where he was waiting for him. When Michael saw Lexi it did not take long to draw a smile on his face, from what Lexi realized so she blushed. Michael told her that she was very pretty. Lexi just thanked with a little embarrassment. Soon they arrived at the restaurant where Michael had decided to book dinner. During the dinner a pleasant conversation developed. Lexi told him how he had gone for Spain, while Michael told him a little about what he had done for California. At the beginning of the dinner the atmosphere was a little tense, but it did not take long to change and return to normal to which they were accustomed. Michael was eager to tell Lexi that although it had been a long time he still loved her so he told her. Lexi did not know how to react. He told her that although she also still loved him, for the moment it was better to take time, to go little by little. Michael understood, but he would never give up on Lexi. He is completely sure that she is the girl of his dreams. They had arrived at Lexi's house. There was a silence, when they got out of the car to accompany her to the portal, Michael told her that he had loved spending time with her, and she responded in the same way. For a second everything seemed paralyzed. Their faces were approaching, until their lips made contact. That kiss explained how much they had missed. Whatever happened, they were always going to love each other, but a beeping began to sound. Michael had his eyes closed focused on his kiss with Lexi, they both separated from that kiss they needed so much. Michael and Lexi were in a cloud, after so long they finally saw each other again, to have each other, to kiss each other ... The two reacted in the same way ... they joined in a kiss, they had missed him so much, their hugs, his kisses ... everything. Finally the two separated, and they said looking each other in the eye how much they loved each other and how much they had missed ... it was night and they said goodbye with a big kiss and a big hug, all that night had gone great for both and they went each by his side with a big smile ...

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