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Louist91, harrystyles, thebetterstyles and 928,829 others liked this post


Annetwist: had the boys round today, loved the news given by @Louist91 absolutely delighted

Stylesfamily: aww this is adorable, i wasnt a larrie but if they are both happy i will happily be a larrie.
larrylarrylarry: yay
Lourry: nice to hear the transaction

Hazlou: thought louis was little spoon
Louist91: not all the time i was just sitting like this and harry attacked me
Harrystyles: i didnt attack you boo x
Louhaz: hey they replied before i did
Hazlou: 😂 i get couple replies you get me
Louhaz: shut up asshole

Lazza: what they looking at?
Annetwist: niall put something on that was "worth watching" so they watched it
Niallhoran: it was,, it was a funny video of a dog farting next to a baby and the baby falling over
Louist91: it was quite funny but dont get any ideas horan i will kill you
Niallhoran: i wont i wont

Larryonly: i want someone i can do this with

Harrystyles: loved the day with you mum
Annetwist: i love seeing you baby

Larrryyy: we dont know yet calm yourself
Thebetterstyles: i know something you dont know

Louist28: i wanna watch that vid @niallhoran where do i get it
Niallhoran: I'll send you the link
Louist28: wait im ganna have a DM with niall fucking horan
Louist91: fucking horan !
Niallhoran: yes and only so i can send you this

FreddieIsMyQueen: this is added to my video
Larrystylinson: QUEEN
Lourry: QUEEN
Lazza: QUEEN why isnt thus account verified @Instagram

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