Blessed To Be Alive In Hell

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Spring ... Bird's Chirping , Sun Shining ... Cliche Right ??? 

Uggh Don't you Just Hate Cliche Stories. I Know I Do. But Cliche Story none The Less. 

May 22nd 1983. Yup That's My birthday. Seems Insignificant When You just Say It Out Loud But comes Across Powerful If You take In To Account The Sign. 

GEMINI - YEAH BABY !!!!!!! The Best ( Lol ) 

Entertainers, Actor's , Goof ball's And Funny Star's. Some Of The Greatest Names In Entertainment Have been Gemini. 

So You Would Think This 10 1/2 Lb Baby Boy Would Be Blessed From The Start Right??


Let's Stop Right There.

Yes !!! Life Is A Blessing But Ask That Life blessed If It's Environment Or Parent's Or Situation Is A Blessing- 

Hi , That's Me ( Pointing At Myself ) Blessed To Be Alive In An Absolute Hell. 

I Was Born In Page, Arizona. My Mother And Father And Their Whole Love Story Or What We Will Call " The How Did You Guys Meet Story " Is An Unknown In Fact The Only Thing I Can Say About That time Is That My Mother Told Me That My Father Was A Good Looking Man With Lot's Of Money ( Now Sing In Your Head - She Ain't Messing With No Brokey Broke - * Gold-digger * ). 

Uh - Oh 

Here Comes More Sap And Goo - 

Broken Home ... Mom a Druggie And A Lady Of The Night ( A Ho For Lack Of Expressive Enough Word's ) - Dad A Control Freak Always Gone. 

These Stories Conflict Due To Which Family Member You Ask. Trust Me When I Say It Would Almost be Easier To Say I didn't Know My Mother Or Father but sadly I Cannot Lie. No Matter Which Side You Ask They say It Was The Other Side's Fault , Blame Or The Typical " They Are The Evil One's " Insinuation. 

The First Three Years Are Such A Conflicting Melting Pot Of Information That It The Only Real Information I Could Take away From Any Early Day Stories Was That There was A lot Of Arguing , Fighting , And Tears. Some Say I Was A Blessed Happy, Good Life. Other's Say I Lived In Misery. I Don't Know , I Don't Care , All I Know Is That With Parent's Like Mine .... I Had To be Destined For Misery .... Uggh More Blah , Sap , Goo , Crap. Don't Ya just Wish You Could Skip This Part.

But Unfortunately We Cant The Beginning To Any Story Is sometimes The Most Important It Lays The Groundwork To understand Why A person Is The Way they Are Or Why a person Makes The Decisions they do. 

I Was born big And healthy And Lots Of Cute Pictures Taking Of Me. Just To some Really Twisted Individuals And We Are talking About back In The 80s When Everything Is supposed To be So much better Right !!!! 

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