Chapter 12- Party

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I woke up two days later, Friday, to the sound of the birds chirping. I leaned over and found Marcus lying there, still asleep. He looked so adorable and peaceful, his mouth curled into a smile and his hair all ruffled. I rolled over and just as I was getting out..

"Nims?" I heard him say sleepily. I smiled and turned around.



"Morning," I laughed.

I sat back down on the bed and hugged him. He wrapped his arms around me and planted a kiss on my head.

"I miss the old Alfie Nims," he whispered. I sat back," What do you mean?"

"Well, I know it sounds stupid, but it's like the accident changed Alfie. He used to be so patient and kind and he used to laugh at anything. I would give anything to hear that laugh now. He's my best friend Nims and he's different. It's like he's a jigsaw and there's a piece missing, the spark. He never talks to me like he used to Nims, I just want him back," he whispered.

"I know Marcus, we just have to be patient. Okay?"

He nodded. I stood up and walked out of the room and into the bathroom. I stripped down and turned on the shower, stepping in. I washed my hair and when I was finished I stepped out and threw my hair into a ponytail to keep it out of my face.

I got dressed in high waisted pastel blue shorts and a white top. I put my black converse boots on and walked into the kitchen.

I made myself some toast and a mug of tea because what British person doesn't like tea. I ate my breakfast and then put the dishes in the dishwasher. Marcus walked in when I was finished and put a bagel in the toaster.

"Do you still wan to go tonight?" He asked me, planting a kiss on my cheek. I looked at him confused.


"Yeah, to the party? Remember?" He said slowly.

It dawned on me I had forgotten about the party. "Shit! I completely forgot about it!" I cried," Oh god what am I going to wear?!"

I ran into my bedroom and flung open my wardrobe.


A couple of hours later Zoe and I were standing in front of my mirror in our outfits. I was wearing a pastel pink crop top with my black skater skirt and mint converse and Zoe was wearing a cute little floral dress with cream pumps. My hair was straightened and Zoe's was curled at the bottom.

"I really hope there's no drama tonight," said Zoe looking in the mirror.

"Me too, especially if it's to do with Cat," I said.

"Well, I think you both look stunningly fantastic!" said Marcus dramatically announced, coming into the room and scaring us.

I looked at my watch. "Well, it's quarter to seven now guys, we better leave in a minute," I sighed.

They both nodded." Let me get my phone," Marcus said.

Ten minutes later we had arrived at the party at Cat's. Zoe ran the doorbell.

The door flung open and a drunk Cat stood before us in an incredibly tight dress. "So - glad you - could come!" She hiccuped between words.

We stepped inside and I was immediately hit by how hot it was. There were people everywhere that we didn't know and I assumed they were Cat's friends, just glad to be here.

Zoe saw Alfie over by the drinks table and I winked at her. She walked over to the table.

Marcus turned to me." I'm going to go talk to Steve and Louis over there okay?" I nodded.

I saw Tanya and Jim talking to a group so I went over to chat with them for a while.


*Marcus's POV*

A while later, everyone had had a lot to drink and some people were playing drinking games, including Zoe and Cat. I walked into the garden to get a bit of air. I sat down on the grass and just as I was sitting down, I heard someone say,"Mind if I join you?"

I looked up to see Cat stumbling out of the back door, her dress pulled down way too low on top and she had a beer bottle in her hand. She plonked down beside me. I stood up, not wanting to talk to her.

"I've to go find Niomi.." I stammered. She stood up to.

She put her hands on my shoulders. "Oh yeah, that girl, she doesn't new you right now," she said. I stepped back.

"Cat stop!" I said pushing her off.

Suddenly she forced herself onto my, pushing me against the wall. Se kissed me hard on the lips. I tried to push her off me but she was too strong. Suddenly I heard a cry.

"Marcus?" an all too familiar voice cried. Oh god. This was going to be hard to explain.


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