Chapter 1

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Chapter 1





As usual, I sat on my gray sofa watching my television set in my living room while staring blankly at it as my little sister was typing away at her laptop.

Ruby, my little sister, was a gorgeous little thing for a twenty six year old woman. She had beautiful curly brown hair that hung around her face to cover her beautiful honey brown eyes that hid behind a pair of wire framed glasses that had different designs lining the sides. Along both of her arms lined two full sleeves of tattoos. Sat upon her head was a gray beanie that matched her gray dress; she basically rocks that hipster style.

"Ruby..." I groaned as she stopped typing and turned to me.

"Yes?" She asked with a raised eyebrow as I flailed my arms around before laying my head on her shoulder.

"There's nothing on TV!!" I groaned louder as she sighed and stared at me.

"Really, Scarlett?" She asked, staring at me with a stern look on her face now as I poked my lips out.

"But you love me, right?" I asked as she nodded.

"Yeah and." She answered bluntly as I poked her cheek like a little kid.

"You'd entertain me better than this teletubbie. Soooo....up my baby sister. Entertain me with your beauty!" I smiled as she placed her laptop down on the other side of her and stood up before walking out of the room.

"She's in here." Her voice mumbled as she appeared back through the doorway with my other sister, Jojo. Like Ruby, Jojo was gorgeous. Her hair was dyed velvet red as her face was quilted in piercings. She had a snake bite, a nose ring, dimple piercings, and a few more. Her honey brown eyes stared at me with humor in her eyes as I stared back at her, completely confused by her.

"Do you want to come too?" She asked as I finally noticed her attire. It consisted of a red half ripped cropped top with black ripped skinny jeans and black ripped converses to finish it off.

"Where are we going?" I asked while slowly standing up and straightening my shorts.

"Partying, where else?" She smiled as I quickly nodded before running up to my room and yanking opens my closet. After throwing things around, I finally decided on a white off-the-shoulder shirt with a pair of dark denim shorts. I brushed my long dark brown hair down before giving myself a good look over with my honey brown eyes. Smiling to myself, I ran back down the stairs and met my sisters at the threshold.

"Shoes?" Ruby asked while holding up a pair of my black flats as I smiled and took them before slipping my feet into them and hugging her.

"We'll be back tomorrow!" Jojo shouted while walking out the door as we got into the car and drove off. The drive there consisted of us singing to Anaconda by Nicki Minaj. Just as we were getting close to the middle of the song, she pulled up to a large mansion that was blaring music louder than our car could.

"Let's go party!" Jojo cheered, turning off the car as we got out and rushed into the crowded mansion. Jojo smiled at me before disappearing into the crowd as I steered my way through the dancing yet drunk people. Once I found the bar, I took a seat on the fancy stool and waved to the sexy blue haired bartender as he strolled over to me and smiled.

"What can I get you beautiful?" He asked while smiling, revealing a set of perfectly lined pearly white teeth as I bit my lip.

"I'll take your strongest." I smiled as he nodded and turned towards the different sets of liquor that was lined up on the wall. He quickly grabbed two tall glasses of liquor before mixing and swirling them as I turned my attention to the crowd to see them all dancing and having fun.

"Here you go, beautiful. It's on the house." He smiled while handing me a large glass cup with some blue liquor in it. It matched the color of his hair perfectly.

"Thanks." I smiled back while chugging it down, feeling it slide down my throat with a little burn.

"I'll take what she's having." A guy smiled while taking the stool next to me as I ordered another drink. This guy was hot like H.O.T. His short curly brown hair swept over his face as his mahogany brown eyes stared at me lustfully. As I turned my attention back to the bartender, he hand me another glass of blue liquor to which I quickly chugged down as the hot guy just sat watching me.

"So, what's your name beautiful?" He asked while sipping at his drink as I looked at him before smiling.

"Scarlett Cammington." I introduced while not realizing that I had just told a complete stranger my name. I was most likely going to regret that sometime in the near future.

"Beautiful name for a gorgeous woman. Would you like to dance?" He quickly asked as I nodded while taking his hand and slipping off the barstool. He lead me towards the center of the dance floor where there wasn't many people dancing at. I ended up grinding all over him, getting him all hot and bother which I was very proud of.

"You're good at this, huh?" He whispered as I kept dancing on him, too into the music.

"Yep. Learned from the best." I smiled while thinking about all the training that I went through with Jojo and Ruby just to learn how to dance. Let's say that I'll never do that again.

"Why don't we take this upstairs?" He whispered over the loud music as I nodded. He grasped my hand firmly in his while leading me up the set of large stairs before stepping onto the second floor. He pushed the first door open and quickly closed it before pushing me up against it and kissing me. Without breaking off our hot make out session, he picked me up and carried me to the bed.

His strong masculine arms probed my body as his tongue fought for dominance as I couldn't help but give in. Just as he was about to start working on unbuttoning my dark denim shorts, I gently pushed him away.

"Did you bring a condom?" I asked not really ready to have children. I was young and I wanted to actually be financially supportive of my child, which I wasn't at the moment.

"Yeah." He whispered while sticking his tongue back into my mouth as he quickly unbuttoned my shorts before pulling them off in one quick movement. He gently grasped my breast as I moaned.

I was out after that.

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