Chapter Two

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We parked across the street from my house waiting until Marcus decided to leave. We sat in the pitch dark for about an hour until Marcus walked out of the house and got into his car.

"Aight there he go."

Stacy said as Marcus backed out of the driveway and went up the street. Stacy turned on the car and followed Marcus at a distance. The drive took awhile. We followed him for what seemed like forever, until he reached a stop. He pulled up into this two story home that sat in a boogie ass neighborhood.

"So he fucking a sidity bitch, huh?" Stacy said as she parked at a distance and turned her car off.

You could tell he would come more than often. Marcus got out of his car and began walking up the long driveway.

"I could've sworn I had a pair binoculars in this damn car." Stacy stated as she fumbled with stuff in the back seat.

"Ahh!" she said as she showed me she had found them.

"How is it that I get the feeling you've done this before." I asked.

"Cause I have."

We watched as Marcus knocked on the door till it opened and she stepped out.

She had a pecan color skin complextion and she was very slim compared to me. Her hair was ombre brown with blonde tips that cascaded down to her butt. She had on nothing but a see through black lingerie as she opened the door and embraced him, closing the door behind him as he walked in. Stacy and I sat there replaying what we just saw. We were so into our thoughts that we didn't see the old man approaching the car until he knocked on the window scared the shit out of us.

"Hey, I'm going to call the police if you don't leave this damn neighboorhood looking suspicious and shit."

Stacy started the car and we sped off, heading back to her place. I sat in silence.

"You okay Lauren." Stacy asked looking from the road to me and back at the road.

I stared out the window.

"I'm okay, Do you mind if I stay at your place tonight?"

"Not at all love."

We pulled up into Stacy's driveway and went into the house.

"Make yourself at home honey, mi casa su casa."

This wasn't the first time I had stayed at Stacy's house. I knew that I always could count on her, plus I talked her into this two bedroom because I told her I needed to have a room whenever I came to stay. Stacy didn't have a man mainly because she wasn't looking for a relationship. she's into "exploring her options" if you know what I mean. She has tried coming on to me when we were young but I just didn't swing that way.

It was 11:20 when we got back and Stacy had went straight to bed because she had to work. I laid in the spare room looking up at the ceiling. I couldn't believe Marcus would still see this woman the same day we had an argument. He should be at home trying to fix our relationship. Thinking about us kept me up all night. I barely got any sleep.

The smell of homemade hash browns woke me up the next morning. I got up and walked into the kitchen. Stacy was in her pj's cooking breakfast. Hash browns, pancakes, eggs and bacon.

"Good morning Stacy, not that I'm not glad to see you but aren't you suppose to be at work?"

"I'm not set to go in until this afternoon and good morning to you too." She said as she handed me my plate."

We sat down at the dinning room table and ate our breakfast. After I was done I went to take a shower.

"Hey, Lauren come watch this movie with me when your done." Stacy screamed from the living room.

Stacy always knew how to get my mind off of things. I stood in the bathroom looking in the mirror, comparing my self to Marcus' mistress. I was darker than her and more curvier. My hair wasn't as long but it was into a shoulder length bob.

"Fuck him Lauren, if it was that easy to let six years go than he was never into it." I told myself.

I took a hot shower to ease my tense body. When I entered the living room Stacy was on the phone talking so I sat down and watched the movie that had already started.

"Okay. Alright. Of course. Alright bye."

She hung up the phone.

"That was my brother. You remember Evan right?"

"Yeah, isn't he locked up?"

"WAS locked up. He just got out early this morning. He's suppose to come stay with me until he gets on his feet."

"What did he do anyway."

"Attempted Robbery gurl. I already told him, don't bring that shit here. He said he was done with that shit so we'll see when he comes tonight. I just called into work cause I want to be here when he comes."

"Well I'll be gone so yall can reconnect."

"I see you trying to avoid Evan. You ain't slick trick." Stacy started laughing.

"I am not. What Evan and I had was a long time ago."

I thought about the time Evan and I were together. We were eighteen and dumb honestly. We didn't know anything about love but we were still together. Somehow along the way it didn't work out and we went our separate ways.

"Aight. We'll see." She said. "Has Marcus called you yet?"

"Speaking of called, you just reminded me that I left my phone in the damn car."

I went to the car and sure enough my phone was sitting in the passenger seat, dead as hell. I went back inside to charge it and power it on. After it had about five percent of juice on it, it started vibrating like crazy.

21 missed calls and 12 new texts.

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