Coming Home (Eret X Reader)

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Hiccup had just moved all of Berk to their new island and home, New Berk. With the threat of Grimmel finally gone, everyone celebrated and rejoiced. But Hiccup still wanted to find the Hidden World. And he wasn't alone. All of the riders wanted to find this ancestral home of all dragons.

Eret was training on Skullcrusher with the others when an odd roar came from the distance. He looked over the sea, but there was nothing but water. However, Skullcrusher didn't seem to think it was nothing. The rumblehorn roared back loudly and took off over the ocean, leaving the others in the dust.

"Woah, boy!" Eret exclaimed as he struggled to hang on to his dragon. When he tried to stear Skullcrusher back to New Berk, though, the dragon shook his head. There was no stopping him from flying toward his goal. "Alright, I guess we'll, then," Eret gave in with a small smirk.

After a bit of a flight, they reached a massive drop off. Eret's jaw dropped as he realized where he was. Then, without warning, Skullcrusher took them down. Eret hung on for dear life as they plummeted into the mystical world. Before he knew it, everything around him was glowing, including his dragon.

Skullcrusher landed next to a wide, shallow pool of crystal clear water. There, another rumblehorn of purple and red drank from the pool. Eret chuckled; his dragon must've been responding to a mating call. "Alright, I see how it is," Eret teased as he hopped off of Skullcrusher. "Go say hello, you big ugly lizard," he spoke playfully.

Eret chuckled as he watched the dragons fly off. Then, realizing that he was, in fact, alone in a world of wild dragons, he decided to quiet down. Staying alert, he walked over to the pool and knelt to get a drink. The water was surprisingly crisp and cool.

"Who are you?" A voice suddenly spoke from behind him.

He stood abruptly and turned around. You stood with hands clasp delicately, obviously shy. He stared in awe and admiration; you were beautiful. You wore a gray, woolen skirt and bust wrap, as well as what looked like a long white cape. But Eret soon realized that this cape was, infact, wings. Finally, he answered, still unsure if he was dreaming or not, "I'm Eret, I come from the island of Berk."

You cocked your head. It was obvious that you were just as curious about him as he was of you. "Berk?" You questioned.

Eret explained his home to you, and soon you were talking about anything and everything. He learned your name; (Y/n). He also learned of how you became what what you were. You were born completely human, but were lost at sea when only seven years old. You ended up in the Hidden World, where you adapted and evolved into something new; a sort of dragon/human species.

• • •

"No fair! (Y/n)'s basically a dragon, of course she won," Tuffnut argued as you all finished the training excercise.

"I wasn't aware it was a competition," you looked surprised as you landed gracefully.

Eret nudged you with his elbow and smirked, "it's always a competition with this lot."

You shot him a shy smile. It had only been a few weeks since you left the Hidden World to explore this New Berk. Everyone accepted you with open arms and made you feel right at home, even though you didn't plan to stay too long. Especially Eret, who seemed to go out of his way to make sure you were always comfortable and happy.

"That's all today," Astrid closed and sent everyone off.

You and Eret parted together, walking to an open grassy field to just relax together. Skullcrusher was sleeping with his mate near the edge of the forest. "That was some flying out there," Eret complimented you with a grin.

You rolled your eyes and laughed, "you say that every day."

"And I mean it, every day," Eret confirmed in a sweet tone that made your heart throb.

Blushing slightly, you responded, "well, thank you."

Eret rubbed the back of his neck nervously as he took a subtle step closer to you, standing shoulder to shoulder. "Listen, (Y/n), I..." He trailed off when he felt you wrap a wing around his back. He sighed and spoke with a chuckle, "you're really trying to make this harder on me, aren't you."

You giggled. Of course, you knew what he was trying to say. It was obvious to everyone that he liked you, and that you liked him. It was only a matter of time before you shared your feelings. And it seemed that time was quite close. "(Y/n), I don't want you to leave," Eret was finally able to say. Your heart jumped. "I know, your home is beyond the edge of the world, but.."

There was a moment of silence before you responded. "The Hidden World has taken good care of me," you began smoothly, "but it isn't my home; and the more I think about it, it never was."

Eret gave you a look of hope and shock. You met his gaze with a warm smile, taking his large hand into yours, "this is the world that I came from; this is where I belong."

"'re going to stay?" A grin crept across Eret's lips. When you nodded, he wrapped his arms around you. Lifting you from the ground, he spun you around before setting you down. He placed a hand on your cheek and spoke softly, "that makes me, very happy."

You smiled wide and closed the distance between you and him. Your lips crashed into his, setting fireworks off in his chest. Eret couldn't have been happier.

And so you did stay in New Berk. You became a part of the dragon riders, even though you didn't ride a dragon. And you're relationship with Eret only grew more beautiful with every passing day.

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