Chapter 7: I love...

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What has happened to this band?

***CC'S POV***

My boyfriend... Cheating? This can't be happening. He was my whole world. The only thing I had ever wanted but now... He's Gone... I can't take another person leaving me in my life. After all 5 of us come off stage, I run back to Savannah and try to talk to her to help me calm down the slightest bit. I see Savannah sitting by a sweaty Ashley and I find a seat on the other side of Savannah and I sit down and bury my face into her neck and start to cry uncontrollably.

"What's wrong, CC Bear?" She says looking down at me.

"I thought he loved me..." I say looking behind me at Jinxx and Jake being all Lovey Dovey. "...He just used me."

"It will get better, CC. Say, you want to come to the bar with Ashley and I to see if we can find you someone better than that asshole?" She says lifting my head up by my chin.

"Sure. Let's just get out of here as soon as possible." I say getting up and practically running towards the exit.

-----10 Minutes Later-----

We finally reach the Bar.

"This is the last time, This is the last fight. Sunsets to sunrise, Morning to midnight..." My phone ringing and the song Black Ink Revenge by Automatic Loveletter starts to play. I look at the caller ID and see that it is Jake so I just send it to Voicemail. He is the last person I want to talk to at this moment. I go back to the bar where Ashley and Savannah are.

"Who was that?" Ashley says basically spilling all the drinks on the bar.

"The Asshole that we all call Jake." I say picking Ashley up off the floor.

"Let's get you to the bus babe." Savannah says basically carrying Ashley out of the bar.

"You coming, CC Bear!! I need CC!!!!" Ashley says trying to hold himself up but begins to fall.

"I'm gonna stay here and drink a little more." I say walking up to Savannah and giving her a hug before I walk over to the bar. I need to drink all the pain away once again like the coward I am. I hate everything. All of the bad things happen to me. My parents are dead, I have been left for dead, Abused, And now my Boyfriend wants to cheat on me with someone that has been in my life and I thought I could trust. I'm just really done with all of this shit. I am taking a stand and I am not going to take any shit from anybody. I quickly down about 25 more shots of Whiskey and stumble out of the door.

***JAKE'S POV***

I crushed him. He hates me. I can't save this relationship. I might be better off just leaving all of this alone. I'm going to tell Jinxx that it won't work. I can't live my life so miserably. I am going to tell Jinxx. He doesn't need this either. I quickly put my guitar up and I start to run towards the bus.

"JINXX!!" I say running to his bunk, throwing my guitar on the couch in the living room area. I look all over the bus and I can't find Jinxx. Maybe he is with Motionless In White in their bus. I run off the bus and walk over to the Motionless In White bus. I get to the bus and I don't even have to knock but the door swings open and a naked Ryan and Ghost. Not the most pleasant sight. I roll my eyes and walk on the bus to see Chris and his girlfriend, Aiden. She is really beautiful. She has half of her head dyed red and the other half dyed black. She is average height and has some tattoo's on her arms. I walk over and sit by Chris. I grab a full bottle of Coldcock Whiskey and start to chug.

"Have you all seen Jinxx anywhere?" I say getting up and looking around the bus.

"He is back there in Balz's bed. No one else would let him in their's because we have 'Things' in our beds." Chris says opening up the curtain to Balz's bed. I look at the bed and I see Jinxx just laying there. His head propped up by his hands and his legs crossed.

"What a surprise to see you here, Babe." Jinxx says walking over and kissing me.

"I knew you were here." I said obviously kissing back. Jinxx's hand soon explores my body and he grabs my ass as hard as possible and I let out a soft moan.

"I'm gonna leave you two alone. Sorry man! TURN AROUND, AIDEN! I'M NOT LETTING YOU LOOK AT THAT!!" Chris and Aiden walk away laughing. Jinxx and I walk back over to the bus and as soon as we get over to the bus, Jinxx jumps on the couch and pulls me with him. Why can't I just tell him it's over? I need to tell him. As soon as I finished that thought in my head, he started to kiss me down my neck but found his way back to my mouth. He ran his tongue across my bottom lip, begging for entrance. I gladly gave It to him. I think I only want Jinxx. But I love CC. He is my everything and anything.

"You wiggle too much, Babe!" Jinxx says sliding his hands up my shirt. He pulls my shirt off and throws it on the floor. Jinxx then carries me to his bunk and throws me down. He pins me down and whispers in my ear causing me to moan extremely loud. He didn't know how much I wanted him at that moment. Jinxx starts to unbuckle my pants and he pulls them off. Now Jinxx and I are only left in our underwear.

"Are you drunk?" I say looking into Jinxx's eyes.

"I don't know." Jinxx says and kisses me down my body and pulling off my boxers. I look down and realize that I must REALLY want him.

"Are you ready?" Jinxx says whispering in my ear.

"No. I-I cant do this. Your only drunk and you'll forget about it in the morning. I'm not just a sex toy." I say jumping out if the bunk and gathering my clothes. I start to put them on and I run out the bus to go find CC and tell him my feelings. Here I go.


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