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He was so going to tell Seungmin

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He was so going to tell Seungmin. There's a mixed emotion inside of him, and saying that the mix of anxiety and fear as well as curiosity is not enough to perfectly describe what he feels. There's a part of him that wants to scream until his lungs fail on him, but then, the other part of him wants to know what was going to happen. That 'other part' was somehow bigger, and that made Hyunjin's steps even more eager and bigger.

"Seungmin!" the boy shouts as he bursts through the library doors, earning an annoyed and aggressive "ssshh!!" from Madam Pince.

"Yah Kim Seungmin!" he yells again when his best friend didn't appear from behind one of the bookshelves, glaring at him with an annoyed look before hissing that this is a library and not the marketplace.

Then Hyunjin slaps his forehead. "Oh yes, stupid," he mutters to himself, eyes traveling out of the library windows and sees a crowd of people on their brooms in the distance. "Practise."

He turns on his heels and marches out to the courtyard before sprinting out onto the pitch.

"Kim Seungmin!"

Hyunjin's eyes widen in alarm when Seungmin wobbles on his broom, metres off the ground.

"What!?" he hears the boy shouting from the top.

"Come down here for a sec!"

Hyunjin avoids eye contact with Yujin as he knows that if their eyes did meet, she will know that he knows she's in his presence and will probably hunt him to his death for disturbing practise time. Or maybe stop taking his orders for donuts whenever she does her daily after-hours patrolling — Hyunjin doesn't know which is worse, they both seem like a nightmare in real life. It's Yujin, she's unpredictable.

"I was in the middle of getting the hang of this 'seeking' thing so you better have a good excuse for bringing me down here," Seungmin grumbles, internally glad that Hyunjin had come around (please don't tell Minho or Yujin, they'd kill him too).

"Bloome wanted to see me after class," Hyunjin spills the news, letting his hands grab his best friend's shoulders and shaking it as if it'll make the information he's given the latter seep into his brain faster.

Seungmin blinks in response. "Kinky."

Hyunjin gapes in disbelief before smacking the side of his best friend's arm. "Excuse me!?"

"What?" Seungmin shrugs innocently, "isn't that what 'teachers' always say in those cringey books where Y/N's teacher is this super duper hot dude with a big —"

"— ew Seungmin no stop!"

"I was about to say a big fan because he'd been running around the field," the latter smirks, "man, HJ, your mind needs a bit of cleansing!"

"I hate you."

"The feeling is mutual, love."

"Your feelings for me are questionable."

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