Crazy little thing called Hell

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Crow pulled up to the curb in front of the hotel and the back passenger's side door opened. A Viper leaned into the car and the colors told him that the young man's name was Chase. Somewhere between Crow's mirror and the road, Scot had hired the auburn-haired man with leaf green eyes to be his personal Guard. 

Raven winced as Chase helped him out of the vehicle. "Sorry, my lord."

"I'm good," Raven gritted out as he leaned against the car to stay standing. "Thanks, Crow."

"Not a problem." Crow smiled.

Scot hurried around the back of the car and Raven put his arm around him, limping into the building.

Cy walked out of the doors before they entered and stopped. Raven started to smile until he read the name on one of the two cups of coffee Cy held.

"Hey, honey. Give me a minute to get my Raven upstairs," Scot said, kissing Cy on the mouth as he passed him. Raven tried not to make it obvious as he pulled away from his brother's hold.

"Don't mind me. Y'all have a date."

"Are you sure?" Scot asked, but Raven didn't turn around. He waved them both away and concentrated on making it to the elevators. The lobby no longer possessed a life-sized statue of him and he liked that part of whatever hell he'd fallen into. The rest was just FUBAR.

 His Felines protested the 'shiny box', but Raven knew climbing the stairs was out of the question.

Cy was his. An hour ago, Cy belonged to him and now... Well. Raven didn't want to think about now. Beau joined him in the elevator and Raven leaned against the wall, grabbing the railing to stay standing. His stomach protested the upward movement, deciding to hide in his feet.

"Did you get to see Crow?" Raven asked, watching the man's reflection in the mirrored doors. Beau's forked tongue flicked out to taste the air before he answered.

"I did. You're hip is broken."

"Thanks for telling me. Wouldn't have known that."

"Rave, now." Beau gave him an expression of fatherly concern and Rave waved him away, too. "Lucah's waiting for you in the suite."

Raven frowned. "Who?"

Beau pressed the stop button and placed his hand on Raven's forehead. The man's pupils slitted into black, leaving the Viper pink. His purple scale brows furrowed in concern. "You have a concussion."

"I wondered why my head hurt," Raven replied as Beau probed his throat.

"Stop bein' flippant. Your jeans are torn all to hell and you have scrapes in strange places. What were you doin'?"

"Truthfully?" Raven asked and Beau arched a brow. "I drove a motorcycle through an MKZ. Who is Lucah?"

"Six-eight Liger with blood-colored hair and a penchant for boas and nail art."

"I take it you don't mean snakes." Raven sighed. "I got the Tassel."

"There ya are." Beau grinned at him just as the doors opened and Shiloh stepped in with Kansas. Somewhere in the conversation, Raven missed Beau starting the 'shiny box' again.

"What in the hell is going on?" his sons whispered as they lifted him up and carried him into the suite.

"Do I live here? Please don't say I live here?" Raven whispered in response and bit back a shriek as they laid him on the bed.

"Where did Lucah go?" Beau asked as he looked around.

"To the lobby. You didn't see him coming in? He said he would wait for you down there." Kansas frowned.

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