Chapter Two

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Upon being inducted, the curly haired girl felt a feeling of fulfillment and achievement never felt before in her entire life. For a few years in her childhood, she was completely protected under the watchful eye of her best friend.


She had always felt weak. But here she was.


A soldier.


She was empowered.


She had even survived her first battle, The Battle of Trost as she had heard it called, before she had even reached soldier status.


She had even managed to slay two Titans.


However, she was so caught up in her self fulfillment that she failed to notice the figure approaching her, looking down at some papers as he walked.


She fell back immediately, standing no match for his tall figure when off guard. She landed with a thud, groaning slightly.


“Oh my god, I’m sorry!” the man apologized immediately, picking her up with one hand.


“Oh my god, no I’m the one who’s sorry!” she apologizes quickly, realizing it was none other than Commander Erwin himself with whom she had walked in to. Not even a full 24 hours as a soldier and she had already made a bad impression with her Commander. “Commander Erwin Smith of the Survey Corps! I extend my dearest and sincerest apologies!” she adds, saluting him and looking down at the floor.


A soft chuckle escapes his lips. “As you were, soldier,” he tells her, causing her hands to fall by her side. “While it seems you already know who I am, it seems strange not to introduce myself formally. Nice to meet you, I am Erwin Smith,” he says, smiling warmly down at the tiny soldier in front of him.


“I’m Nora Westfield!” she says, extending a hand but quickly retracting it. No, no! Don’t shake hands with the Commander! He’s far too superior for that!


"Soldier," he says, voice calm. He extends his hand to her. "It was a pleasure to meet you," he adds with a smile. She shakes his hand and nods.


"Thank you, sir! You as well!" She replies, beaming.


"Where were you heading, uh, Nora?" he asks, forgetting my name for a second.


"Back to my room, sir."


"Are you skipping dinner, then?" he asks, raising an eyebrow at her.


"I wanted to study more on Survey Corps formations and strategies," she says sheepishly. "Tomorrow is the first class for us new recruits."


"I am aware," he laughs, giving her a warm smile. "But it is important to eat, so would you please accompany me?"


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