Chapter 78.

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"Don't be aroused, by my confession
Unless you don't give a good Goddamn about redemption
I know Christ is comin', so am I
And you would too if the sexy devil caught your eye"

"Don't be aroused, by my confessionUnless you don't give a good Goddamn about redemptionI know Christ is comin', so am IAnd you would too if the sexy devil caught your eye"

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I lean a knee on the bed, to start crawling towards her, with a dark grin "I ruin people love, and I'm going to fuck that innocence right out of you"

Her lips part as I crawl over her, prowling and kissing and sucking on every inch of skin that I can as I make my way up her body, she's so pocket sized but with killer curves, so I think the term pocket rocket is fitting for this woman.

She looks at my starving eyes with her wide nervous ones, as I settle over the top of her, nudging my legs between hers and spread them apart and rest in between them. Can't fuckin wait till they're wrapped around me.

My whole body is buzzing and tingling with excitement, and my heart is slamming that hard in my chest it feels like I've binged on coke all night.

She's got me feeling drunk, high and out of my mind.

I grab her flimsy bra, ripping it from her body hearing the clasp at the back snap broken and toss it behind me, diving my head down to latch my lips onto her neck, sucking and nipping roughly at the skin to make sure I leave a mark.

I'll be leaving those everywhere tonight my sweet girl, I want you to remember me.

The meek little moan that leaves her makes the throb in my groin almost unbearable, and I lean up to her ear, sliding my hand slowly down her stomach until my fingers tease the hem of her panties, while my other hand pins her wrists above her head roughly.

I dip my fingers in, inhaling sharply when I drag my fingers through her folds and feel how drenched she is, I'm about to throw this composure out the window and fucking wreck her because she's wrecking me and she hasn't even touched me.

Did she even shave for me? I'm flattered.

"Already so wet for me princess, but I'm going to have you ruining my sheets by the time I'm done with you" I growl into her ear, and she whimpers.

Fuck me, she fucking whimpered. I could feel the pre come dripping from my dick as soon as I heard that.

You like my dirty mouth do you darling? Wait till you see the filthy things it can do.

I circle my fingers around her swollen clit, sighing heavily when her hips start to shift back against my hand, she feels so warm and slick, I need to know what she tastes like.

"Tell me darling, do you want my mouth?" I purr into her ear, teasing my fingers down and circling around her entrance "Because I'm craving this sweet little pussy of yours, so wet and ready for me. Can I have a taste?"

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