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Third person POV

As Kachan, his mother and Mrs.Midoryia get to where Deku is blood is pooling and seeping from the rocks. The two adults manage to get the rocks off Midoryia and his mother picks him up. They rush him to the hospital, him barely holding onto life.
The doctor was able to save his live but there's a cost. He will be permanently blind. The doctor tells Mrs.Midoryia the bad news and she cries into Mrs.Bakugo's shoulder. After a while of her crying she asks if she can see her son. "Yes, but the impact left him in a short term coma." The doctor said as he lead her to Midoryia's room.

Three Months Later

Midoriya's POV

I open my eyes to see nothing. I put my hand in front of my face, and see nothing. I cry out to my mother, "Mommy!?" "I'm here my sweet Izuku. Everything is going to be alright. Now I'm going to get the doctor, just stay right here. Okay?" I nod my head yes. She kisses my forehead as she gets up from the seat right next to my bed. The doctor came in and explained everything to me.

Years passed Deku got into UA

It's been years since the accident, but I still remember the doctor's words, the training on how to use my guide stick, the constant bullying. Being blind meant I couldn't take notes so I would record the lessons and the teachers would helped me during breaks. People called me all sorts of names, I forgot them all, blocking them out of my mind. All the childish name calling all got blocked from my mind except for one, Deku. It has stayed with me since Kachan first started calling me that.
As my mother drops me off at UA, she says her good byes as I'm off to find my way on my own. As I walk down the extremely quiet halls, the only noise my guide stick scraping the ground, I find my way to class 1-A. (At lease I hope I found the right classroom) I walk in minding the little bump on the floor. As I walk in the classroom the air feels, how would I describe this, welcoming. I hear so many different conversations. So many different names used. Then I find my way to an empty seat in the front, not knowing all eyes are on me. There is this loud voice telling everyone to find a seat. This guy, Ida I think his name is, sits to the left of me.  This other student, that I didn't catch the name, of sits to the right of me. I think they are male. This very outgoing girl, Mina I think, sits behind me. That's all I was able to figure out. "Morning class, I'm Aizawa. I will be your home room teacher. Since it's the first day, talk amongst yourselves. I'm gonna take a nap, don't wake me up unless your dieing." Then I hear a zipping followed by soft snores.

Todoroki's POV
I look over to the kid to the left of me. Even though Mr.Aizawa said we could talk and move around, he stays at his desk, still quiet. From the back of the room everyone hears explosions.

Third Person POV
Bakugo got angered because Ida told him to take his feet of of the desk. "You can't tell me what to do! F*** off!"

Midoriya's POV
I slowly get up, grab my guide stick and walk past Aizawa sensi. I open the door gently and walk out into the hallway.

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