Chapter Twenty-Two.

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"Sweet Pea we really need to try and find jobs, do you think you could ask Jughead if he has anything going in the gang, that's legal preferably?" I asked Sweet Pea as I lay on our air mattress.

"I've already tried to babe, the Serpents haven't got anything going and we are no longer associated with Penny who now runs the drug trade and the Ghoulies so I couldn't even go to them if I needed." Sweet Pea sighed as he lay down gently next to me, his hand automatically resting on my stomach. 

"I don't even know how we've made it this long though, realistically all of us are broke and I feel as though the only reason we have survived so far is because of Cheryl. I'm grateful for her, she's become a sister to me but you know how I feel about relying on other's for money. I've been independent for years and now's the time where we should be in our own house getting ready for our baby and instead we're living in a tent wondering how we're going to survive." I sighed as I tilted my head to see Sweet Pea, his eyes were slightly glossy as he nodded his head, almost as if he was admitting defeat.

"I'm so sorry we're not in a beautiful house, buying baby clothes and a crib darling. I'm so absolutely sorry that this has happened to you, to us. I can't imagine how you're feeling because honestly I'm devastated about the entire thing. I want to do as much as I can so I'm going to swallow my dignity, tidy myself up and head into town to try and get some work. We're a family and we have to find a way to provide for each other." He leant closer to me as he pecked me on the lips. It made me happy that he was willing to do anything for our family because I felt the exact same way.

"I still have five months to go until I'm due which means I can work for at least four more months, I'm going to head into Pop's and see if Pop Tate will hire me. I don't really have many more options unless I ask Alice Cooper to help me out but I really can't picture myself working under her, she's not exactly all there and she's always had it out for us." Sweet Pea and I laughed slightly as we spoke about all of the stories Alice has published about us over the years. 

"Are you sure you're able to work though? I'll find work so you don't have too."

"Despite the fact that it will be extra money for us to hopefully afford a house it will give me something to do. Jughead won't let me do anything associated with the gang in case I get injured again, Cheryl and Toni live in their own bubble at Thistle house and have taken off on some romantic road trip for the Summer and Fangs spends most of his time with you, maybe you could job hunt together?" I suggested having actually come up with a really good idea.

"Okay princess but you have to promise me you'll take it easy. I have no doubts that you'll be hired by Pop Tate, he's seen you grow up and he knows that you're a good cook. Pop is one of the only people in this town who doesn't care about the fact that we're Serpents which will be amazing for you babe." Leaning over once more Sweet Pea kissed me on the lips before sitting up and helping me up with him.

"Let's go and do this then. Job hunting here we go!" I exclaimed excitedly, I had been hauled up in these campgrounds since moving here and I was beyond impatient when it came to leaving. There's only so much fishing, hunting down my birth parents and annoying FP that I could possibly do.

Walking out of the tent hand-in-hand we headed towards our vehicles. Sweet Pea hopped on his motorbike as I got into the truck, I couldn't help but stare as he drove off looking sexier than ever. We seem to have skipped the part where we would try to dress nicer because everyone in this town knew who we were anyway. With that in mind I took off towards the best diner in town hoping to score a job by the end of the day.


"Hey Pop!" I exclaimed happily as I walked through the door of the diner and straight to the counter.

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